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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 10/30/2021 - WSOP Patient Zero

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(Topic begins at 0:12:23): Vanessa Kade comes down with COVID, should she be allowed to play upcoming Main Event?.... (0:37:14): MJ Gonzales buys in a man with terminal cancer to WSOP Main Event, and lets man keep all winnings.... (0:47:45): Two recreational players at last weeks' Ivey/Dwan Hustler Casino Live game were in the news for all the wrong reasons.... (1:07:38): Phil Ivey hosts 2000s-style lavish poker party to promote new shoe-based NFT.... (1:33:56): Druff gives updates regarding the status of his ZED Run progress.... (1:44:54): Minnesota man found way to obtain other people's MLB accounts, streamed games illegally, then tried to extort MLB.... (2:02:12): Update: Zappos founder Tony Hsieh alleged to have been manipulated by close associates for "millions" at the end of his life.... (2:39:09): Allen Kessler calls out Vegas Burger King for bad service, but does he really have any recourse?.... (3:09:40): Resorts World getting desperate, offering new deals for locals.... (3:39:30): Atlantic City casinos scammed for $1.1 million by bad check scheme.... (3:51:52): Update: Yasiel Puig settles lawsuit with woman who apparently set him up for fake sexual assault allegation.... (4:33:16): Pfizer booster shown to be successful at resetting waning effectiveness of vaccine.... (4:42:30): FDA approval for 5-11 year olds means that California kids will be force-vaccinated in January 2022.... (4:59:08): What is going on with Kristen Bicknell?.... khalwat co-hosts part of the show.
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Air Date (1 year, 3 months ago)