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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 03/09/2023 - The Silent Majority

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This is a "partial show" to be finished later, but is being presented as a separate episode. Most of the show involves updates on the Jami Lafay Daniels Gofundme situation... Topic begins at (0:06:58) mark: Recap of the Jami Lafay Gofundme scandal, up until the prior episode on 2/23.... (0:24:53): Gofundme donations essentially die off after people take a hard look at the dishonest claims in the campaign.... (0:40:17): Jami publicly posts communications with her doctor supposedly verifying her cancer, but are they real?.... (1:06:32): Jami's "sister" posts two weird updates on the Gofundme, deletes them, and then her boyfriend posts an update of his own.... (1:27:13): Why have almost all prominent poker players, both male and female, been so quiet on this entire matter?.... (1:45:02): Gofundme clears Jami to receive payment, and she claims vindication, but does this really mean anything?.... (1:51:26): Jami's boyfriend Dan Chen puts out a short video to verify he's real.... (2:01:12): Interview with Luke "Slaydog" Vrabel, who was an ally of Druff's in calling out this situation.... (2:47:27): Druffytime Theater: Druff went to Horseshoe Las Vegas cashier to get a $5 bill for some loose change -- and it turned into a ridiculous ordeal.... (3:14:24): Bryan Sagbigsal's Hustler Casino Live "tell all documentary" has been a dud so far, and the opening voice narrating it might surprise you.
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Air Date (2 months, 4 weeks ago)