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Poker Fraud Alert Radio - 09/16/2023 - MGM Won't Negotiate With Terrorists

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Topic begins at (0:24:00) mark: Poker Fraud Alert Radio finally on YouTube! Please like and subscribe!.... (0:27:06): MGM systems hacked, held for tens of millions in ransom, causing chaos among all Las Vegas properties.... (0:58:57): Major side effects to MGM hacking include alleged room thefts by staff, hours long lines, inability to cash out, inability to get into rooms.... (1:08:08): Druff talks about the two hacker groups claiming responsibility, Scattered Spider and ALPHV, and explains how they did it.... (1:54:31): Man arrested at casino cage after claiming he's responsible, and demanding $40,000,000 payment to restore their system.... (1:56:29): Caesars was victim of similar attack in late August, but paid ransom.... (2:07:25): Could this MGM mess have been prevented? Druff gives opinion of regarding system design and security vulnerabilities.... (2:24:19): What can customers do when caught up in something like the MGM chaos?.... (2:40:37): When is it safe to return to MGM properties? Colonel Fabersham calls to find out.... (2:54:28): Cody Daniels, last episode's guest, hospitalized and on breathing device.... (3:01:54): Ed Sheeran Vegas concert cancelled less than an hour before showtime, after stage setup disaster.... (3:19:45): Controversy takes place regarding Aaron Rodgers' early injury in NFL game, and how it relates to prop bets.... (3:37:43): Mojave Desert and Las Vegas History: Owens Lake and Mono Lake make unexpected comebacks.... (4:11:26): Matt Stout now dating a porn star after splitting with poker community wife Brittney.... (4:32:43): Gay Aria employee steals over $700k through phony reservation refunds scheme, lavishes gifts upon fellow gay co-worker, and that guy reports him.... (4:52:42): Horseshoe Baltimore accused of screwing players regarding NFL touchdown promotion.... (5:05:12): DraftKings stupidly offers 9/11 bet on NY teams, social media clobbers them.... (5:30:08): Druff talks about the Poker Fraud Alert entries into the $9 million Circa Survivor NFL contest.
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