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Episode 112 - Triple Barrel Fail

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Welcome to Episode 112! MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak Performance Mindset Coach & Educator Dr. Tricia Cardner are back discussing all things poker strategy & mindset. The hosts started off by catching up on Gareth’s upcoming house move before turning to a listener question about a river spot.Specifically, Evgenij wanted to know if he missed a spot to triple-barrel bluff.Topics covered include:● The key factors to consider when running a triple-barrel bluff● How to size your bets to achieve the outcomes you want● Why it’s important to consider the range of hands your opponent has and to estimate which ones will fold to your river bluff● Why it’s a mental game leak to fixate on the thought that, “I’ll never get him to fold”Want us to answer your poker question?Post it in Dr. Tricia’s private Facebook group! Join here: in Gareth’s private Facebook group! Join here: for the 10 Minute Tilt Cure? coaching with Gareth? Apply here: Tweet us: @drtriciacardner @MTTpokerschool @PokerOnTheMind
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Air Date (11 months, 2 weeks ago)