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Episode 164 - The Peak Poker Performance Formula

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Welcome to Episode 164! In this episode, MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak PerformanceMindset Coach Dr. Tricia Cardner are back discussing all things poker strategy & mindset. Inthis episode, the hosts answer a question from a listener who wants some advice on how not tolose focus deep in a MTT.Topics discussed include:● Fitness updates and tips for sedentary players as well as Gareth’s upcoming book releaseThe Final Table (preorder here: https://dandbpoker.com/products/the-final-table-play-your-best-poker-when-it-matters-most)● The peak performance formula: Potential + Training - Interference● Why it’s useful to take a nonjudgmental and gentle approach with yourself and strategiesfor dealing with burnout● Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday and how it relates to the topic at handWant us to answer your poker question?Post it in Dr. Tricia’s private Facebook group! Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PokerMindsetMasteryLabOr in Gareth’s private Facebook group! Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pokerprofitsOr Tweet us: @drtriciacardner @MTTpokerschool @PokerOnTheMindResourcesCheck out Gareth’s program Train and Play Like the Pros that will prepare you for large MTTseries (both online and live): https://www.mttpokerschool.com/Check out Tricia’s digital offerings at: https://www.peakpokermindset.com/
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