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Special Edition 2 - Interview with Partypoker's Tom Waters and Rob Yong

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In our second special edition on the pokerfuse podcast, your hosts Mike Gentile and Nick Jones sit down with Tom Waters, Head of Poker at partypoker, and Rob Yong, partypoker partner, to discuss the latest ecology changes at the online poker room. Topics discussed in this wide-reaching interview include: - The end of HUDs at partypoker. - The reasons for ending hand histories saved to the hard drive. - Rob's new #fairplay concept. - How the operator will police the game in a post-hand history world. - The planned use of moving to real names instead of screen names. - Other ecology changes coming up at partypoker. - Plans for its live poker tour and the synergy with online.
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Air Date (3 years, 1 month ago)