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Ep 036 - Hand review AJ in BB with 2 limpers

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Breaking down a specific hand from Steve's trip to Vegas. Input from a great mix of pros & experienced players to those less experienced. Input from Mike "Schneids" Schneider, Joe Barnard, Hunter Cichy, Matt Hamilton, Vic Swanson, Mike Engelhaupt, Jason Ackerman, Doug Behrens, Rob Washam, Steve Webb, Nick Krautkremer, Jason Root, Rocky Wylie, Chris Nelson, Chris Gorton, Taylor Maas, and your host Steve Fredlund. Here's the situation - WSOP Daily Deep Stack $185 tournament - 270 entrants; 41 paid; 35 remaining (in the money) - 77,000 chip average with blinds at 500 / 3,000 / 6,000 - First hand after moved to a brand new table (don't know any of the players) - 60-year old guy in middle position with 90,000 limps - 40-year old guy in small blind with 50,000 calls (completes blind) - We are in the big blind with AJ off-suit and 70k stack
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