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Ep 058 - Suited 97 from Jason

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Air Date (7 months, 3 weeks ago)
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In this episode, host Steve Fredlund facilitates a discussion around a hand submitted by recreational player Jason Ackerman. Here is that situation: Couple hours into the tournament average chip stack is about 23,000. I have 35,000. I believe blinds are at 400/800. One limper we are on the button and I raise to 2000 with 9/7 of Clubs. BB calls has 14,000 behind. Limper calls and is big stack ~80,000 very aggressive player. Flop comes 10C 5C 6D. Checks to us, for pot control we elect to check back even though I have gut shot and flush draw. Turn brings the 3H. We now have a double belly buster straight draw and a flush draw. BB bets 4,000. Aggressive player raises to 10,000. I planned to snap call the 4K. I figure I have 15 outs to win the pot. I ask dealer if I call the 10,000 (which would leave me ~23,000) and if the BB re-raises all in: can big stack re-raise again? Dealer counts BB chips he has less than the raise count and says no. Then thinks about it and says yes (someone says if it is more than half the raise the raiser can raise again). I ask again because I am considering calling the 10,000 but don’t really want to call all in on a draw. Aggressive player says yes I can (so I get the feeling he may have the straight already or two pair or at least a strong hand already; he has shown quite a few made hands with small connectors). I don’t know what the ruling is and don’t have a clear answer from the dealer and elect to muck. I know I don’t have the best hand now; but I’m somewhere between 30 to 50% chance of having the best hand after the river. Should I have flat called, raise all in, or folded? What is the ruling on the bet of 4K, raise 6K more (to 10K) and if better shoves for 4K more on his re-raise (which is 2/3’s of most recent raise) can raiser raise again? I elected to fold and keep my 32,000. Please consider giving us a like, rating & comment and remember to tell a friend about what we have going; some pretty good free training if I do say so myself. Email with questions, program ideas, or hand situations - [email protected]
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