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Ep 073 - Post-flop bet sizing

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Throughout our hand examples, we have heard a number of different thoughts about bet sizing post-flop, but I would like to dig a little bit into this directly. I know our pros prefer to address specific hand situations, but I would really like our listeners to be able to understand a bit more of the strategic theory behind bet sizing on the flop. Let's assume blinds are 100/200 and we all have at least 10,000 chips (50 big blinds). We raised from middle position to 500, we got called by the button and the blinds folded, so a pot of 1,300 chips. Regardless of what we are holding, the flop will either: 1) Be great for us 2) Be really bad for us 3) Not be great or horrible for us, but better for our range than our opponents 4) Not be great or horrible for us, but better for our opponents range than ours Assuming we decide we want to continuation bet, how does the flop connection with our hand (the four options above) impact the size of our bet -- or do we bet the same size regardless of how we connected? How does our opponent playing style impact our bet sizing? Are there any other major factors that could impact the size of our bet?
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