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Ep 143 - Andrew Brokos - Facing Limpers

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Andrew Brooks is a professional poker player, author, blogger, coach, and host of the “Thinking Poker” podcast. He was on the RecPoker podcast episode #130 and is back by popular demand. His recent book, “Play Optimal Poker” has received great reviews and we are honored to have him on our show. In this episode we chat about facing limpers, which is one of the most commonly raised questions too our podcast. We also talk a bit about having our own limping strategy and where that makes sense. Check out everything Andrew has going on at or Twitter @thinkingpoker. Hosting this episode is Steve Fredlund, joined by three other RecPoker Core members: John Somsky, Rob Washam, and Jake Mason. Although Andrew was not on video, you can still watch this episode at:
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