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Ep 352 - Chats: Karina Karagaeva on mindset, mental game, and poker in life!

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This week Jim Reid and the panel interview Karina Karagaeva, the CEO of Mindset Design, about how plugging leaks in your mental game can be profitable in all areas of your life - on and off the felt! Whether it's issues you know about - tilt, losing focus, apathy - or leaks you might not even know you have, like poor goal setting or session prep, the solutions might be closer than you think! Karina talks about her professional path to mindset coaching, the tools and systems that she uses to set people up for success, and other fascinating aspects of how people can motivate themselves to learn. You can find out more about Karina and Mindset Design at their website: http://mindset.design/#become-pro Karina is active on Twitter as @karinamindset We also go over this week's home game results and discuss these topics: How to help us out - https://rec.poker/support/ Home Games - https://rec.poker/homegame/ Go Premium! - https://rec.poker/premium/ Find our free videos at: http://youtube.com/c/RecPokerCommunity Find more info on our sponsors at: https://RunAces.com https://WebsiteAMP.com RecPoker is a vibrant and encouraging poker learning community. We are committed to learning the game, but our priority is building healthy relationships where we can not only grow in the game, but grow in our enjoyment of life. The free membership website at rec.poker is awesome, but it's just a tool to help us build that community. You can join for FREE, giving you access to the groups, forums, and other member benefits. If you want to enjoy the premium content, or become part of the RECing Crew, those options are available and you can get $10 off your first payment using the code RECPOKER.
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Air Date (1 year, 7 months ago)