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Ep 127 - Matt Stout & Lexy Gavin with CSOP

Steve Fredlund chats with Matt Stout & Lexy Gavin about their start in poker, the beginnings of the Charity Series of Poker (CSOP), and what lies ahead. This episode is also available on video at

Ep 126 - Flopping trips then facing tricky spots

Steve Fredlund and the RecPoker panel discuss a couple of hands where we flop trips and find ourselves is very tricky spots. Available on YouTube at

Ep 125 - James "SplitSuit" Sweeney hand review & discussion

The crew catches up again with James "SplitSuit" Sweeney to walk through a couple of hands and then we continue the conversation with several other members of RecPoker Nation. Another great discussion; learning and building community is what we are all about.

Ep 124 - BONUS: Robbie Strazynski

Card Player Lifestyle owner Robbie Strazynski stops by to chat with Steve Fredlund, Chad McVean and John Somsky. Robbie also hosts the RecChip Poker and Top Pair podcasts and is the translator for Eli Elezera's autobiography. You can watch on YouTube at

Ep 123 - Sky Matsuhashi hand review

Sky Matsuhashi from Smart Poker Study joins the crew to discuss a couple of hands and many of the considerations, a conversation which continued long after saying goodbye to Sky. You can watch the video at

Ep 122 - Discussion group on variety of topics

The crew chats about several different subjects including pairs in position & out of position as well as 3 & 4-betting vs different players and in different positions. Also available on YouTube at

Ep 121 - Emanuel & Group AK, TT - FINAL

Host Steve Fredlund interview Emanuel Evegen, who spent $10 for an add-on to a free roll tournament at Running Aces, won the free roll which included a seat to the $290 buy-in Pot O'Gold Tournament and he went on to win that for $29,000. Our own Chris Moneymaker story! After the interview, our discussion group chats about George's AK and Stacey's TT (and playing TT in general). Available also on YouTube at

Ep 120 - Community Group discussing JJ hand & satellites

This week we share a discussion from our Monday night community group where we talk about a hand from John Venzke with JJ in a home tournament. After that discussion we spend some time talking about playing in buyback and satellite/qualifier tournaments.

Ep 119 - Sky Matsuhashi playing JT

This week we talk again with Sky Matsuhashi. He goes over a couple of examples of playing JT and then talk about his experience with the hand in general. Available on YouTube at

Ep 118 - Hand History with Kenna James

Steve Fredlund, Rob Washam & Stacey Nelson chat with Kenna James, who took a break out from his Venetian tournament to walk through a hand with us. Available on YouTube at

Ep 117 - Hand history & Crazy Like a Fox intro with Chris "Fox" Wallace

WSOP Bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace joins the show again to break down a couple of hands but also to promote the new training course in partnership with RecPoker. "Crazy Like a Fox" is a 10-week, 15-hour interactive course that will also include discussion forums that Fox will be engaged with and weekly homework. All details available at Listen to the podcast for a code to get your $300 course for $150.

Ep 116 - Hand history with Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton joins the crew to run through a couple of hands with us; Matt is a fantastic young Minnesota player with a wealth of knowledge and insight. Also, we announce a great training opportunity with RecPoker and Chris "Fox" Wallace.

Ep 115 - Interview with Sarah Herring

This week we catch-up with Sarah Herring, one of our favorite poker personalities. @auntychardonnay continues to give us some behind the scenes look at life as a global poker reporter. We take a break from the hand histories (back next week) to enjoy some light-hearted moments with the one & only Sara Herring. Enjoy...

Ep 114 - Hand history with Brian Soja

In this episode, Brian Soja from iNinja Poker leads us through and interesting hand, showing us the importance of paying attention to our opponents.

Ep 113 - Hand history with Sky Matsuhashi

In this episode, Sky Matsuhashi from and the Smart Poker Study podcast leads us through a 6-handed hand at a table with 5 LAGs with pocket Tens.

Ep 112 - Hand history with Chris "Fox" Wallace

We start a new format with a standing panel of recreational players along with a rotating expert. This week we are joined by WSOP Bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace. We discuss a couple of hands where Fox wins with AT and AK, neither time hitting the flop.

Ep 111 - Sky Matsuhashi interview

Host Steve Fredlund interviews Sky Matsuhashi from You can watch this interview at You can also hear Steve on Sky's podcast, Smart Poker Study, by directly downloading at: The show notes are at:

Ep 110 - Community Groups & Expert Hand Reviews

Steve shares about some cool things coming up to build your game and your community, including weekly FREE community groups to discuss hands and strategy as well as reviewing hand histories with a panel of recreational players and rotating experts.

Ep 109 - Chris "Fox" Wallace from iNinja talking about c-betting & resurrection

WSOP Bracelet winner Chris "Fox" Wallace chats with Steve, Stacey Nelson & Derek Smith about the upcoming iNinja Resurrection Tournament at Diamond Jo's on December 15th and then we tackle the tricky issue of determine our post-flop action as the pre-flop aggression. Do we check back or do we c-bet? What is the plan on the turn & river? This is also available on YouTube at

Ep 108 - Player Panel with Max, Matt, Ian & Alan

The core content this week is taken from the November 29th Player Panel webinar Q&A with Max Havlish, Matt Hamilton, Ian Matakis, and Alan Carty. The full 2-hour video is available through

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