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GTO Preflop Trends In 2022 · S5E11

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What kind of GTO preflop trends exist in 2022? We break it down and explore concepts like open-raising sizing from early vs. late position, 3-betting correctly, and even SB play. Improvements in these areas can drastically improve your winrate and make both your preflop AND postflop decisions more profitable. Learn how the player pool is “GTO-ifying” their preflop strategy while making some +EV tweaks to your own overall gameplan. Upgrade your GTO strategy with a solver PLUS complete course showing you how to use it with The GTO+ Bundle: How Poker Ranges Actually Work: The Perfect GTO Range When FACING 3-Bets: Be sure to join our free Discord as well to post hands, ask questions, and join a community of players who love poker as much as you do:
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Air Date (11 months, 1 week ago)