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The Science Of BRM & TAKING SHOTS · S5E13

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What goes into your BRM (bankroll management) and taking shots in today’s poker games? Coach “w34z3l” is back again to break down the key areas of your poker bankroll. Topics include risk of ruin (ROI), moving down aggressively, bankroll preservation, taking shots, moving up requirements, and more. If you want to avoid being stuck at the same limit for years, be sure to take notes and start planning to take some smart shots ASAP. Enjoy! How Much Money Do You Need To Play Poker?: The “15/2” Bankroll Strategy: BRM 101 Podcast: Be sure to join our free Discord as well to post hands, ask questions, and join a community of players who love poker as much as you do:
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Air Date (10 months, 1 week ago)