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Online Poker Cheating In 2023 · S5E28

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Unfortunately, cheating still exists in online poker. But with a little knowledge of what to look for, you can better protect yourself when playing on your favorite site. In this episode, coach “w34z3l” breaks down the main ways people cheat in online poker - from collusion to RTA to superusers - with an understanding of how much these cost you. Online poker operators should be protecting their players more, but the first line of defense is always yourself. Enjoy! GTO Gems Book: https://redchippoker.com/gto-gems-book Black Friday 2022 Discounts: https://redchippoker.com/black-friday-2022/ Be sure to join our free Discord as well to post hands, ask questions, and join a community of players who love poker as much as you do: https://redchippoker.com/discord
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Air Date (6 months, 3 weeks ago)