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Hacking Your Poker Productivity In 2023 · S5E29

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You could be so much more productive, and both your on & off table poker time could be used more powerfully. So in this episode, coach “w34z3l” shares easy hacks to improve your productivity and become way more efficient. Instead of reading another listicle with 68 boring productivity tips, listen to this one podcast episode and start reclaiming more of your time. Enjoy! Effective Poker Study: https://youtu.be/maaDxqtQgT4 Your Weekly Poker Study Guide: https://www.splitsuit.com/ultimate-weekly-poker-study-guide Black Friday 2022 Discounts: https://redchippoker.com/black-friday-2022/ Be sure to join our free Discord as well to post hands, ask questions, and join a community of players who love poker as much as you do: https://redchippoker.com/discord
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