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E080: Jonathan Apestyles Van Fleet on Money, Streaming, & Overcoming Addiction!

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Play poker at runitonce.eu & support online poker's future.Study poker at runitonce.com & support yours.Email suggestions to: TheRake@runitonce.comTimestamps:0:00:09​Welcome Jonathan Van Fleet, aka Apestyles!  What makes you want to keep going after all these years?0:02:51​When Jon had his $1million Party Poker score, what did he do with the money?  What are his thoughts on having and spending large sums of money in general?0:06:31​One of the feelings he experienced with his win was fear.  Has Ben ever experienced that with a big win?  Thoughts on being able to take bigger financial risks when you have a strong support system to fall back on.0:10:36​More on Jonathan’s relationship with money, and addiction.0:13:54​Does he find more gratification or value in streaming than he did in just grinding? 0:17:26​Thoughts on the effects of playing with an audience online.  Pros and cons.0:19:20​The importance of community, and how streaming can provide that for online players.0:20:34​Is the streaming environment more difficult for female streamers?  The importance of having good mods.0:26:52​What was Jonathan’s rock bottom as an addict, and how did he come out of it?0:30:59​Thoughts on adjusting one’s life after achieving a milestone like sobriety, or a big win.0:33:36​What’s been his worst experience backing somebody?0:35:00​Sending some love to Jonathan’s assistant Barb.0:36:28​As a streamer, does he ever feel pressured to play big live events for the sake of his audience?0:37:36​Do live wins feel more significant than online wins?0:38:56​The importance of balancing GTO with intuition.0:41:09​What does he do to prepare for a stream?  Dealing with the anxiety of letting people down on stream.0:45:30​The legend of the re-buy fish.  Thoughts on the idea of “buying a bracelet” with multiple re-buys.0:48:35​Thoughts on superstition vs mindset vs expectations in poker.0:55:32​If people don’t hate playing you, you’re probably not being aggressive enough.0:57:16​Thoughts on the uneven nature of how bad it feels to lose vs how good it feels to win.0:59:56​Does he recall a make-or-break moment for him in poker, when he considered leaving?1:03:12​Advice for small stakes players.1:06:25​Thoughts on not always obeying your own roll.1:08:47​How did he get the nickname “apestyles”?1:10:12​Wrapping up.  Thank you Apestyles!
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Air Date (2 years, 4 months ago)