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E084: Andrew Moreno & Kristy Arnett | $1.4 Million Win & A Baby On The Way!

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Play poker at & support online poker's future.Study poker at & support yours.Email suggestions to: TheRake@runitonce.comTimestamps:00:09Welcome Andrew and Kristy Moreno!00:40Andrew just had a huge win, and Kristy is pregnant with their first child.  How are they feeling about such significant life developments?01:42Andrew & Kristy were very open about the difficulties they had getting pregnant.  How do they feel now that the baby is almost here?03:10Andrew recently took part in psychedelic-assisted therapy.  What was that like?  How did it affect their relationship?  How did it affect Andrew’s relationship with poker?10:32After that first session of therapy, did he want to do more?11:41What was the process, psychologically, that took him from feeling overwhelmed by the first session, to feeling open to potentially engaging in another session?14:06How has Andrew’s big win at the recent Wynn Millions affected his emotional and psychological approach to poker?17:15The importance of knowing when to put your pride aside and step down in stakes.18:47Andrew shares a story of once having auditioned to be a dealer at Treasure Island.22:11What are Kristy’s post-pregnancy plans, and how have they been impacted by Andrew’s big win?24:33Do they ever take time to reflect on how big a gamble it was to take a chance on each other and move to Vegas together?29:35Introducing Andrew & Kristy’s dog, Pepper!31:21Andrew & Kristy recently got a new dog after the death of their previous dog.  What helped them get through the loss, and allow themselves to be open to a new companion?33:27Pepper had a pretty rough and rowdy puppy phase.34:27Ben talks about having lost a dog as well, and the process of opening up to a new companion.37:21More dog stories!38:04Thoughts on the grieving process after losing a dog.39:19Thoughts on managing emotions in poker, whilst still allowing them to be part of your regular life.45:05Jamie thinks Andrew has the best rail.  How did he build such a strong community of positive people around him?48:19What are their plans for WSOP this year, especially in regard to the ongoing COVID situation?51:29Wrapping up.  Final plugs for Andrew & Kristy.  Thanks for coming on!
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Air Date (11 months ago)