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Ep 250 – Forum On Autopilot Error (@Rabman50)

This week, Jim Reid leads the panel through a forum post by @Rabman50 about a tournament hand where he shoves the flop with top pair top kicker and a sweet redraw. While battling it out against each other in the nightly home game, the panel talks about 3betting ranges preflop, the sizes available in and out of position, and how to get the most money in the pot – without ensuring that your opponenet has the nuts! Come sign up for a free account at today and post a question in the forum for the panel to review!

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Phil Hellmuth Joins the Show To Talk Taking On Negreanu and More

Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters are joined by 15-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth as he sets up to take on Daniel Negreanu in High Stakes Duel. Hellmuth talks about the upcoming match, how he once beat Doug Polk in heads-up play, and more. The hosts also discuss PokerStars’ launch in Michigan, the WSOP airing on ESPN, and High Stakes Poker.

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PokerNews Podcast: Odds of a Summer WSOP w/ Guests Vivian Saliba & Daiva Byrne

On the latest episode of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring, Chad Holloway, and Jeff Platt talk about the odds of a 2021 World Series of Poker taking place this summer, breakdown the recent passing of an online poker bill in the North Dakota house of representatives (complete with audio), and explore the bad blood between Daniel Negreanu and Ryan Fee. They also highlight the strong start to the 2021 PokerStars MICOOP in Michigan, Ankush Mandavia winning the CardPlayer Poker Tour Venetian, Niklas Astedt making his 10th final table of Super Millions, and the official end of Full Tilt Poker. Finally, they welcome guests Vivian Saliba and Daiva Byrne, who talk all things 888poker and GGPoker respectively.

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February 26th, 2021 – Bitcoin Saves the Day and Strategy

On this episode of the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, Clayton discusses his continued downswing, but fear not…Bitcoin is here to save the day! Of course, He also gets in to some strategy reviewing some hands from a recent session.

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#121 Luciana Manolea: Former MTT Pro and Current Crypto Aficionado

Today’s guest on the Chasingh Poker Greatness podcast is former online MTT poker professional Luciana Manolea.Luciana’s poker journey spans over 10 years where she’s cashed for over $4.5 million dollars in her combined live and online poker career.Luci considers her poker origin story a “fortunate accident” while she was in college studying computer science. It was there that she realized the heart pumping thrill of competition was in her blood not 1’s and 0’s, and she made the life altering decision after getting her degree to go pro instead of sitting in a chair pumping out computer code all day.

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Top 5 Tips for Better Hand Reading without Using Solvers #327

Show Notes for this episode: Hosted by Sky Matsuhashi, poker player, coach and author.  Check out my YouTube Poker Training Channel Enable my “Daily Poker Tips” Alexa Skill for a daily 30-second poker tip in your Flash Briefing. United States Canada United Kingdom Australia India Daily Poker Tips is also a podcast, so look for it wherever you listen to podcasts. Twitter @smartpokerstudy

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Poker Unicorns w/ Returning Guest Tommy Angelo – Episode 197

More Great Poker Content!Just Hands has a new membership program on patreon! Sign up to support the creation of more episodes and get access to our growing collection of premium podcasts.

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Episode 206 – 25/02/2021 – Craig ‘onscreen’ Shannon & Superfan Bert ‘girafganger7’ Stevens

Joe is back – and sounding better than ever! To James’s horror, he describes, in graphic detail, the surgical procedure on his vocal chords, and gives a lightning-fast summary of everything he’s watched while in recovery. Meanwhile, James recaps the two #SundayMillion final tables that Joe missed, and teases the first edition of #PokerStarsRetro (live every Thursday, starting 4th March, at 15:00 GMT on Twitch and YouTube).

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137 – Robbie Strazynski – The Poker Writer

Improve Your Poker Mindset. >> Start Your 7-Day Free Trial To Primed Mind Plus Motivated by his passion for poker, journalist Robbie Strazynski started writing about poker for fun through his blog and newsletter at As his audience grew, Robbie transitioned his passion project into a full-time career, and now he attends poker events around the world, capturing stories from celebrities and poker pros. In this episode, poker journalist Robbie Strazynski of shares how he got his start in poker media, discovered his niche, and turned his love for the game into his dream job. If you love the game of poker, you don’t have to limit yourself to playing professionally. There’s a wide industry around poker—where might you fit in. Click play to hear Robbie’s story. Click here to get the full show notes and resources from this week’s episode

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Did This Massive Tell Cost This Guy Millions Of Chips???

It’s early in a huge PartyPoker main event field, and we have ourselves a cooler. But,The Poker Guys think they picked up a big tell on one of the players. Did he cost him dearly?

FLOP: Ad 9d 4h TURN: 10d RIVER: 10s

Ihar: Qd3d Rosta: 9h10h

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WPH #344: HIGH STAKES POKER | Bellande TRAPS Salomon

Weekly Poker Hand #344: JRB takes on Rick Salomon in this hand and plays it beautifully, extracting a huge amount of value. He correctly identifies that Salomon likes to bluff and induces him on the river with a check.

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99. High Stakes Cash Hand Reviews with Samy Baem

Poker Scientist creator and 200 Zoom Grinder Samy Baem comes on the show to talk high stakes cash hands with Pete. Hands come from the Triton Poker Cash Game where elite players like LlinusLlove and TrueTeller battle old school warriors like Tony G.

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Timex vs Terrence, DNegs vs Hellmuth Heads Up – DAT Poker Podcast Episode #95

This Week On DAT Poker Pod: Daniel, Adam and Terrence are back with: 0:15 Intros / Chess Talk / Poker Parallels

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CardsChat with Norman Chad

On episode #26 of the CardsChat podcast, we have the pleasure of welcoming Norman Chad. A beloved TV poker personality, Norman has been a mainstay of the World Series of Poker Main Event commentary team, along with Lon McEachern, since Chris Moneymaker’s big win back in 2003. His humor continues to entertain us after all these years and his commitment to comedic bits is only exceeded by his commitment to being one of the nicer guys in our industry. On this episode Norman talks about how different the past year has been for him, some of the new ways he’s explored his creative side, his love for mixed games, and much more.

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#120 Matt Waxman Rnd 2: Living the Poker Dream While Pitching Cards at Bananas

Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is Matt Waxman who’s back for a very special Round 2.He’s a WSOP bracelet winner, WPT Champ, and founder of the insanely addictive and innovative video-game like poker format PokeRithm.If you’re one of the sad souls who missed Matt and I’s Round 1 conversation, I’d highly suggest you go back and listen to it because it was an all-time classic…I daresay our Round 2 lives up and perhaps even exceeds the original.In today’s show you’re going to learn:About the hilarious time Matt, Jason Mercier (One of the great poker players to ever live), Chris Ferguson, and a bunch of other high level pros spent their evening throwing hundreds of playing cards at a banana.Stories about the late, great WSOP bracelet winner and WPT champion Gavin Smith.The one thing Matt wishes he would have never done a single in his poker career.And much, MUCH more!So without any further ado once again I bring to you world class storyteller, legendary poker pro, and founder of Matt Waxman.

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6: Podker Season 2 EP6: Jack Sinclair


The first time in 12 months Angus sits at a live table and brings hand histories for Rob Campbell as he takes on his biggest game ever $1/$3/$6 NLH.

Plus we are joined by a man whos sat at the 2016 WSOP Main Event Final Table and is the 2018 World Series of Poker Europe ( Main Event champion. Jack Sinclair joins us to talk abiout the heater of all poker heaters that kick started his career and the importance of the Wynn Casino Margaritas

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Do You Manage Your Money? Poker Finances

For poker players, money is always top of mind. Whether it’s keeping cash on hand, speculative investing, or planning for the future — James and Chris dive into the many financial challenges poker players face. They discuss utility and happiness EV and how always seeking monetary edges can have downsides. They share personal stories with money and explain the differences between offensive and defensive strategies. Join The Red Chip Poker Discord:

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Tactical Tuesday #15: The Differences Between High Stakes Live Cash Games and Low Stakes Live Cash Games

In today’s episode of Tactical Tuesday Coach Brad and his student Jon break down the differences between high stakes live cash games and low stakes live cash games.In the first half of the show they break down the strategic differences and in the back half they discuss the environmental differences.The strategic differences they go into are: – The role rake plays in your strategy: Drop rake vs. Timed rake- The strategic differences in stack depths (100 bbs at small stakes vs. uncapped at bigger stakes)- The differences in levels of aggression as you move up stakes.- Why you ought to be prepared for big games to inevitably get bigger as the night wears on.

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Ep 249 – Maria Ho

Poker legend Maria Ho joins RecPoker to talk about her worlds of playing poker, commentating poker, and doing reality TV. Maria shares a bit about growing up in a conservative Chinese family and how that impacted college and how she approached getting into poker.

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Episode 96 – Conflicting Goals, Bubble Strategy and (Not) Second Guessing Yourself

Welcome to Episode 96! MTT Coach Gareth James and Peak Performance Mindset Coach & Educator Dr. Tricia Cardner are back discussing all things poker strategy & mindset. After catching up on their latest activities, Gareth talked about some of the changes he’s made to his playing schedule. He has decided to accept the fact that sometimes his goals are in conflict with each other. Then, they answered Larry’s question regarding a hand he played on the bubble in a satellite.

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First Flag – Tom McEvoy – Episode 15 – GPITHM Podcast Network

AC continues the FF WSOP Main Event run by chatting it up with 1983 Main Event Champion Tom McEvoy. The four-time bracelet winner talks about his First Flag, the US flag he captured at Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker, talks about the Main Event and tells us stories from Las Vegas!

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The Bernard Lee Poker Show 02-23-21 with Guest Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob of Survivor Fame talks poker and more with Bernard Lee. 

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Poker Action Line 02/22/2021

The guys embark on a zany show to celebrate National Margarita Day, starting with some poker rooms reopening in S. Florida, the return of some favorite tourneys and the zingers on social media between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk’s business partner. Also, a brief discussion of poker’s most misunderstood rule, plus the crazy possibilities of a casino in downtown NYC and a crazy suggestion of allowing recreational marijuana at the felt in Atlantic City.

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A Very Erotic Discussion

Busi wants to know what is erotic to Andrew. Can he be erotic by himself? Is that awkward to talk about?
The post A Very Erotic Discussion appeared first on Tells Podcast.

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E071: Landon Tice vs Bill Perkins: Heads-Up Challenge Chat!

This week on The Rake: Landon Tice & Bill Perkins! Hosts Jamie Kerstetter & Ben Wilinofsky chat with these soon-to-be nemeses about their upcoming high-stakes heads-up challenge, poker life in the age of solvers, the Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu showdown, and more!

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The Chip Race – Season 14 Episode 5 – Vanessa Kade Landon Tice Sam Bevington

This week, we have a fantastic show featuring poker pro and Twitcher Vanessa Kade and breakout poker star Landon Tice. We talk to Sam Bevington about GG’s partnership with the Fantastic Ladies of Poker Facebook group and hiring of former Chip Race Strategy contributor Daiva Byrne. Ahead of the 11th Edition of the Unibet Online Series, we analyse a sick hand from David’s Unibet Open Final Table back in December. Plus, Ian has all the big news and results.

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246 – Randall Hudgens

Steve and Daniel bring on their mentor in stocks, Coach Randall. Randall has been Steve’s and Dan’s stock option coach, having over 40 years of experience in the financial trenches. The trio discuss stock investing, options, swing trading, futures, and real estate. To book a coaching session with Randall, click here! Randall’s video recommendation Do you have more questions about this? You can reach out to  Steve Barton on Twitter hereor on Facebook here

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Is This Play Just Too Much Heads Up For The SHRB?

Justin Bonomo is ONCE AGAIN heads up for the Super High Roller Bowl, this time online. Does he take too audacious a risk in order to achieve his goals in this hand?

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