GGPoker Reaches $20 Million Milestone in ThanksGG Giveaways GGPoker Reaches $20 Million Milestone in ThanksGG Giveaways

Rising online poker site GGPoker has reached yet another milestone, further cementing its status as one of the leading global poker operators. Just one year after the launch, the unique ThanksGG promotion has awarded more than $20 million in prizes to both fortunate and unfortunate players, pokerfuse can reveal.

The giveaway has undergone several changes and currently awards $100,000 in prizes, which are granted through a daily Flipout Freeroll. It has become one of the most remarkable features in the industry and has been widely popular among players of all bankrolls.

GGPoker’s ThanksGG: Key Numbers

  • $20,410,000: Total prizes have been won (to January 8, 2022)
  • 2,047,893: Total entries to #ThanksGG tournaments that have been awarded prizes (to January 8, 2022)
  • $30,000: Initial daily freeroll amount when launched on January 1, 2021, for unlucky players.
  • $100,000: Amount paid out daily today to both unlucky and lucky players.

Initially known as GGCare, the feature was implemented on January 1, 2021 and featured a daily value of $30,000 upon launch. However, that amount has since more than tripled, which showcases the continued success of the promotion.

“GGCare and GGCheers have been a revelation for our players, with thousands rewarded each week and over $20,000,000 in prizes handed out,” said Paul Burke, Head of Public Relations at GGPoker. “However the cards fall for you, whether you win big or Lady Luck is nowhere to be found, you’ve got the chance to win your way into a Daily $100,000 #ThanksGG Flipout — this is the promotion that keeps on giving!”

ThanksGG: Timeline to $20 Million

For the first seven months since launch, GGCare featured a Daily $30,000 ThanksGG Flipout Freeroll for players that experienced bad luck at the tables. Cash table play and hands from the lottery jackpot sit and go Spin & Gold were covered from the start, while tournament play has been covered since May 1, 2021.

The daily was increased to $50,000 on August 1, 2021, which also kickstarted a period of $10 million in total monthly promotions for the operator as well. Just under one and a half months later on September 14, 2021, GGCheers was launched and this boosted the value to $100,000 daily.

Players can see the results of the last 10 Daily $100,000 #ThanksGG Flipout in the poker client under “my promo” and beyond that in the PokerCraft client. The same page also shows the total amount awarded, which has been officially confirmed by GGPoker as well.

ThanksGG: Milestones

Date ThanksGG Update
Jan 1, 2021 GGCare launches with $30,000 in daily prizes, cash table play, and Spin & Gold activity is eligible
May 1, 2021 Hands from MTT now also qualify for GGCare
Aug 1, 2021 The value of the GGCare Flipout Freeroll increases to $50,000
Sept 14, 2021 GGCheers is implemented, the value of the Flipout Freeroll increases to $100,000
Jan 5, 2022 ThanksGG promotion surpasses $20 million in prizes awarded

How do GGCare and GGCheers work?

The ThanksGG feature consists of two different layers labeled as GGCare and GGCheers. For the former, hands containing bad beats, coolers, and suckouts may award entries for the Freeroll. As far as GGCheers is concerned, this mainly covers big pots and big hands.

The play on cash game tables, Spin & Gold jackpot sit and go, and Multi Table Tournaments all count towards the promotion. Once a qualifying hand has concluded, a pop-up window will appear to showcase the number of earned chips.

How many points are granted depends on the limits played and the severity of the good run or bad run. Players can accumulate further chips through multiple hands as they all add up on a daily basis. The Flipout Freeroll then takes place shortly prior to the daily leaderboard reset.

Since the Freeroll is hosted as a Flipout event in which all participants are automatically all-in every hand, there is no need to be present in the tournament to claim the prizes. The top 25% of the field are paid in cash game dollars, which can then be used to buy in for cash game tables.

GGPoker has also been using the #ThanksGG hashtag for its frequent giveaways in social media contests as well. However, the prizes awarded in these contests don’t count towards GGCare and GGCheers and just serve to unify all promotional efforts by the poker operator.