iPoker Consolidates Game Choices, Eliminates USD Tables
Key Takeaways
  • iPoker will transition to end the use of the US dollar at its tables.
  • Sterling and Euros will be the currency stakes are denominated in.
  • Other changes include a commitment to keep up with industry trends and a reduction in table types and stake levels to improve the experience of recreational players.

It was announced Friday that Playtech will be making significant changes to its iPoker network.

The changes are designed to keep the site “up to date with the market trends” by “adding or removing games to result in a better poker portfolio,” according to Playtech-owned PokerStrategy.com.

iPoker will be consolidating the types of currency used on the site: US dollars will be phased out with EUR and GBP becoming the preferred currencies. Tables using EUR and GBP are already “equal or higher in popularity” than those using USD, according to the statement.

iPoker will reduce game selection to four types: shallow—normal, ante and anonymous—all with an 18-second action time. The intent is to “condense their offering by having less negligible sitting options, but in a way that will allow them to keep all games variants.”

PokerStars made a similar change to game types when it consolidated “fast” and “regular” tables into a single speed type back in January.

Many of the changes are targeted at improving the experience of less skilled players. A new and improved lobby will be introduced which should make it easier for recreational players to find a seat at an appropriate table.

The range of stakes available will also be reduced “to protect less skilled players that tend to lose their money.” iPoker has analyzed the loss per player for every stake and are using this analysis to determine which stakes to remove.