Last Call to Claim Full Tilt Poker Money

Former US players that lost money when Full Tilt Poker closed down in 2011 have until Wednesday September 3, 2014 to request reimbursement from the US government.

The Full Tilt Poker Claims Administrator, Garden City Group, has announced the final deadline and will not be accepting petitions after that date.

Those that believe they are owed money but have yet to file a claim, should do so before the deadline to avoid being shut out of the remissions process.

To date, almost $100 million in claims have been paid out to victims of Full Tilt Poker.

An Additional round of payments covering players classified as “Red Pros” and other professional players are expected before the end of the year.

Players that have disputed their balance on file have also not been paid.

In order to check your balance on file as of April 15, 2011, you can request an account history from Full Tilt Poker. A complete guide to determine the balance on file for your account including screenshots has been compiled to assist those unfamiliar with the process.

Players that have received a notice from the GCG that included login credentials are encouraged to use that information to begin the petition process.