Players Await AGCC Announcement as Full Tilt Speculation Mounts

With the private AGCC hearing in London concluded, players wait for an announcement from Full Tilt Poker’s regulator as to the future of its license under Alderney’s jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, rumors reached a deafening pitch in both the poker and mainstream media. Jef Ifrah, a lawyer representing Full Tilt, re-opened the lines of communication with the poker community, stating that a new “White Knight” deal with French investors was in the works and urging the AGCC to further delay a ruling.

“A negative AGCC ruling will cause all efforts that have been undertaken to secure this investor group to fail and leave customers in the cold. It is not necessary for the AGCC to issue any negative ruling now. The company is not operating and there are investors truly interested in closing a deal with the company.”

Ifrah had been vocal in the poker community and with poker media, but went quiet after requesting to withdraw as Full Tilt’s council in the class action lawsuit. The AGCC has already postponed a decision once in hopes that an investor would come forward.

Ifrah and other representatives spoke with mainstream media, defending the company and disagreeing with the allegation that Full Tilt operated a global Ponzi scheme.