person using mobile phone in front of tropical palm trees. WSOP+ App to Debut in Paradise -- Will it Return for WSOP 2024? person using mobile phone in front of tropical palm trees. WSOP+ App to Debut in Paradise -- Will it Return for WSOP 2024?

The WSOP+ app is going live for the first time during the inaugural WSOP Paradise this winter, and it will allow players to streamline their live WSOP experience and make playing the festival much more enjoyable.

In recent years, WSOP allowed players to use the Bravo app to register for tournaments online and access some live tournament information. Now that the WSOP+ app is live, the app is expected to be fully available during WSOP 2024.

With half a year left before the WSOP in Las Vegas kicks off, WSOP Paradise will serve as the ideal practice run to test the WSOP+ app, discover any inadequacies, and perfect the app in time for WSOP 2024.

But what even is WSOP+, and how exactly will players be able to benefit from it? Keep reading and find out, or download the app to your mobile device right now and use the three time-limited launch offers available.

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What Is WSOP+ and How Do I Use It?

Officially launched by the WSOP, WSOP+ is a brand new mobile app that replaces the Bravo app and offers all essential WSOP information and the ability to register for WSOP events online.

Some of the main features of WSOP+ include:

  • Real-Time WSOP Information
  • WSOP Push Notifications
  • Live Tournament Clock
  • Tournament Registration

The WSOP+ app will give you access to a live tournament clock of all WSOP events running at the time, including remaining players, the current level, prize pool distribution, and more. With this in hand, you will always know exactly what events are the best value to play without digging too deep.

The app will also offer push notifications, informing you of tournaments that are about to start and ensuring you never miss another event you were going to play again.

Finally, much like the Bravo app allowed in the past, WSOP+ will allow you to load up your bankroll and register for events online, avoiding the long registration lines and quickly getting into events you want to play ahead of those who don’t use the app.

Overall, WSOP+ should help make the WSOP experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved, and WSOP Paradise will be the perfect time to try the app for the first time and find out exactly how it works in real-time.

If you are going to Paradise, WSOP has prepared three exciting launch offers worth thousands of dollars for all the players willing to try the app in its early phase.

WSOP+ Limited Time Launch Offers

For a limited time, WSOP+ offers extra value to players who download the app and participate in the inaugural WSOP Paradise.

There are three separate offers to choose from:

  • Offer #1: $16,500 Giveaway
  • Offer #2: Free Mystery Millions Seat
  • Offer #3: Free 11 Nights at Atlantis Resort

Offer #1 is only available until November 29, and it gives players a chance to win one of 10 entries to the $1650 Mystery Millions.

Simply download the app and register for a free account, and you could be one of the 10 lucky players who win the $1650 seat for free.

Offer #2 is a great chance for those going to Paradise anyway and willing to try the WSOP+ app in full. Loading up $31,300 into your WSOP+ account will give you a free $1650 Mystery Millions seat, adding great value to players playing multiple WSOP Paradise events.

Finally, Offer #3, reserved for high rollers, is worth $10,000. Players who load up $150,000 into their WSOP+ accounts will get 11 free nights at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, with the luxurious suite stays worth nearly $1k per night.

If you are going to Paradise this winter, don’t miss out on all the extra value. Download the WSOP+ app as soon as possible to get all the extra value from one of the three launch offers.

Will WSOP+ Make a Comeback in Las Vegas?

While WSOP has not made it clear that WSOP+ will be available for WSOP 2024 or any other future events, it is clear that the app is an attempt to streamline all WSOP experiences, and we can fully expect it to be live again in the summer.

WSOP Paradise will be the perfect testing opportunity for the Series, as the WSOP+ app makes its debut and gives players a chance to try things out in a significantly smaller live poker festival than WSOP in Las Vegas.

The success of the WSOP+ app in Paradise will likely determine how Series proceeds with the app moving forward. It is likely that the app, probably with some extra updates, will be available in Vegas as well, and it should make the whole experience of registering, playing, and tracking WSOP events that much easier over the summer.