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WSOP US represents a household name in the poker industry. The World Series of Poker has been in existence for well over five decades and it firmly retains its position as the biggest and most significant competition in the poker world.

Last verified: Nov 2022
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WSOP in the US

Looking to expand its market foothold, WSOP extended into the regulated online poker market in the US as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Joining forces with 888 as its interactive partner, launched online poker sites in Nevada and New Jersey over the last few months of 2013.

Nevada and Delaware entered the MultiState Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) in 2015, allowing operators to share liquidity across state lines. In 2017, New Jersey joined the compact, allowing WSOP in the US to spread its wings through the interstate network made up of five poker sites (WSOP NJ and NV and 888 rooms in NJ, NV, and DE).

Over the next few years, WSOP USA continued doing on the online front what it has been doing in live poker for decades. The operator affirmed its presence in the States, providing players with a completely safe platform powered by the reliable 888poker software.

The year 2020 was a very important one for With the coronavirus pandemic virtually stopping live poker worldwide, the live World Series of Poker moved online. WSOP US saw a significant surge in numbers, with players flocking to the platform to compete in various events and fight for coveted WSOP gold bracelets.

Although WSOP was one of the first operators to offer regulated real money online poker in the US, the company took some time to spread beyond the initial three states. However, in 2021, WSOP USA finally entered Pennsylvania and then joined the regulated market in Michigan as well in March of 2022.

As mentioned, all the sites on the WSOP US poker network are powered by 888poker software. The company has announced the rollout of the new Poker 8 platform, which was scheduled to go live before the end of June of 2021. The operator kept its word and rolled out the new platform in PA, which they also used to enter MI. Of course, will probably incorporate the new platform for the other three states at some point, but there is no clear date as to when this should happen.

It is important to note that players on WSOP PA and WSOP MI have to play in the ring-fenced market. While the operator combines its NJ, NV, and DE player pools, this is currently not an option for either PA or Michigan, although this could change in the near future.

Michigan has joined the MSIGA, meaning that we will likely see MI operators combining their player pools with their sites operating in other states in the agreement. So, in the near future, WSOP will probably proceed to bring together players from MI, NJ, and NV.

WSOP Nevada

WSOP NV was the first WSOP USA poker site to go live. It launched in September of 2013 and has been going strong ever since, becoming the leader in the state-regulated market.

With a strong brand to back it up, WSOP Nevada had a very strong starting position to build upon. The addition of online bracelet events in 2015 definitely helped the operator to establish a firm foothold in the state.

In addition to the rich tournament schedule, WSOP NV offers a solid variety of cash game tables with stakes going up to $10/$20, so there is something for all players to enjoy.

When it comes to newcomers, the operator offers a nice welcome bonus consisting of $50 in free play after depositing $10 or more and a generous 100% match up to $1000.

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WSOP New Jersey

WSOP launched in New Jersey in November of 2013, expanding the WSOP USA presence and adding more liquidity to the network that already included Nevada and Delaware (through 888). Alongside its partner site 888, WSOP NJ had to fight for the players with Borgata Poker NJ and PokerStars NJ, which joined the state market in 2016.

Although the competition was fierce, in 2020, WSOP NJ took the clear lead in the state, largely thanks to the allure of the first-ever online World Series of Poker. But, even without this, the operator attracts players with its solid offering of scheduled tournaments and a good amount of cash game action powered by the great traffic from all three states.

The operator also offers a decent welcome bonus for new players, which is probably slightly better than what other US regulated sites bring to the table:

  • $50 in freeplay after depositing $10 or more, and
  • 100% boost up to $1000 on the first deposit & freeroll tickets

The number of game variations is the only aspect in which WSOP New Jersey could do better, especially when compared to its main competitor, PokerStars. However, the site spreads Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Stud, which is more than enough variety for most players.

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WSOP Pennsylvania

WSOP Pennsylvania became the latest site to join the WSOP USA network. The operator went live in the summer of 2021 and rolled out its brand-new Poker 8 software right off the bat. With this, they joined a rather competitive market already hosting several active sites, namely PokerStars PA, Borgata Poker PA, and BetMGM PA.

WSOP PA could not join the WSOP USA network from the get-go. For this to happen, state legislators will need to sign off on Pennsylvania entering the MSIGA, which will only happen once the Wire Act situation becomes crystal clear.

Early in 2021, the First Circuit Court ruled against the 2018 DoJ interpretation of the Wire Act, which insisted its application extended to online poker. This pretty much settles the matter and opens doors for multi-state agreements.

The DoJ passed on the opportunity to appeal the decision, so now everything seems to be lined up just right for the future. In the coming months, PA might join a multistate agreement, and should that happen, WSOP PA will be able to join forces with some or even all sites operating in other states.

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WSOP Michigan

After a long wait, WSOP MI finally went live in March of 2022, going live with its new Poker8 software and giving players access to another safe and modern platform.

In terms of shared liquidity, Michigan has officially signed onto MSIGA, but no launch date has been set. We anticipate that multi-state poker will launch in Michigan in the very near future and WSOP MI will certainly be quick to take advantage.

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Online Casinos & Sportsbooks Powered by WSOP USA

The online branch of the WSOP US does not offer online casino gaming or sports betting under the WSOP brand. However, Caesars does have a presence in all aspects of the regulated online gambling market.

So, those looking to play casino games or place sports bets will not find these offers on the site, but they are offered by the Caesars brand.

State Sportsbook Online casino
New Jersey Yes Yes
Nevada Yes No

In Nevada, there are still no online casinos, which seems somewhat strange, but it is also fairly understandable. The state relies heavily on its land-based gaming industry, and the matter of launching online casinos is a highly sensitive one.

Last verified: Nov 2022
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WSOP & Online Poker Regulation in the US: A Timeline

Regulated poker in the United States officially started in 2013. It was after Black Friday (in April of 2011) that the issue of legislation started to pick up some speed as players in the States were left without any safe and reliable online options.

WSOP USA, as one of the biggest and strongest poker companies in the US, was the first in line to get in on the action. Unlike some other operators, most notably PokerStars, WSOP had no legal issues to overcome. The company had all its ducks in a row and was fully ready to take on the newly-forming regulated market in the States.

2013: First WSOP USA Sites Go Live

Online branches of the WSOP in the United States wasted no time joining the fray. In September 2013, the operator went live in Nevada, one of the first two US states to pass laws regulating online poker.

WSOP had no problems receiving operating licenses and their partnership with 888Holdings gave them access to the top-quality software solution. Thus, the company was fully prepared to take on the new challenges.

Shortly after, in November of 2013, the room entered the newly-regulated New Jersey poker market via WSOP NJ, further expanding the online WSOP presence in the US.

2014: First MultiState Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) is Signed

In 2015, Nevada and Delaware signed the first interstate online poker agreement, allowing operators from the two states to share liquidity across borders. This was the first such agreement in the US and it made it possible for the WSOP US network to start shaping up thanks to their partnership with 888.

2017: New Jersey Joins the MSIGA Party

A few years down the line, the only remaining regulated state joined the multi-state agreement as New Jersey joined forces with Nevada and Delaware. With this agreement in place, all operators from all three states could freely combine player pools as they saw fit.

This was a huge step for the WSOP in the US. This development made it possible for the operator to combine players from five different sites: two WSOP online rooms and three poker sites powered by their interactive partner 888.

It positioned really well as WSOP/888 were (and still are) the only operators with a presence in all three states. Thus, their traffic surged, creating more opportunities for big tournaments and filling up cash game tables.

2018 and Beyond: WSOP USA Slows Down

With such a strong start and given the fact the company had no legal issues to deal with, it seemed like the WSOP US online poker branch would take the newly regulated markets by storm. However, after the strong start, the company took a bit of a step back.

Pennsylvania passed the online poker bill in 2018 but the only operator that was quick to seize the opportunity was PokerStars, as the site launched in 2019. When the PGCB started awarding interactive licenses, it seemed like WSOP would be one of the first sites to go live in the state, and statements coming from Caesars backed up these assumptions.

But then things went quiet for a couple of years, and players were left in the dark as to if or when WSOP PA would launch. Finally, in September of 2020, 888 was awarded a gaming license by the PGCB, paving the way for launch. Then, in 2021, WSOP PA finally went live.

Michigan was the last state to regulate online poker, legalizing it in 2019. The first poker rooms launched in early 2021. WSOP’s long-anticipated Michigan launch finally came in March 2022, to great fanfare and early success.

2021 WSOP PA Goes Live

WSOP finally launches in Pennsylvania, rolling out their brand-new Poker 8 software. The operator launched with a segregated player pool that does not combine players with other rooms in the WSOP USA network as PA is not a part of any multistate agreements. However, this could change in the future as the legal landscape has changed quite significantly in the US.

WSOP MI Joins the Fold

In the first quarter of 2022, WSOP went live with another licensed room, going live in Michigan. Just like in PA, the operator started off with a platform catering only to players physically present in the state, with plans to expand when and if the legal climate allows for it. With MI joining the MSIGA, this kind of development seems likely in the near future.

Year Legal Developments Significance for WSOP USA
2013 Nevada and Delaware pass iGaming bills launches as one of the first online poker operators
2013 New Jersey regulates online poker WSOP NJ goes live as one of two poker sites at the time
2014 NV and DE pen the first multi-state agreement The operator is allowed to combine player pools from two sites
2017 New Jersey joins the MSIGA The WSOP USA network is born, combining player pools from three regulated states
2018 Pennsylvania passes iGaming bill 888, WSOP USA interactive partner, acquires PA iGaming license in 2020
2019 Michigan regulates online poker WSOP announces plans to launch in the state
2021 WSOP PA goes live WSOP rolls out its new Poker 8 client in Pennsylvania
2022 WSOP MI launches WSOP joins the MI market
Last verified: Nov 2022
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WSOP in the US: Highlights

Being one of the first US online poker sites to go live, WSOP USA has played a significant role in the overall development of the regulated poker market in the States.

Soon after launching in Nevada in 2013, helped the state reach a new high in terms of player traffic. At the time, the only other site operating in NV was Ultimate Poker, but that operator withdrew from the market in 2014.

Initially, WSOP experienced some difficulties with geolocation services and player verification systems. While inconvenient, these problems were quite expected in the new environment and would be ironed out later down the line.

In November of 2013, went live in New Jersey. Shortly after, the operator announced the New Jersey Online Championships Tournament Series featuring a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. For the early days of online poker in the States, this move by WSOP USA was rather impressive.

In the next year, WSOP NJ would assert its leading position in the New Jersey market, topping cash game traffic charts.

In 2015, WSOP USA has ticked off another important milestone, setting up the first-ever bracelet awarding event to take place online. While today this does not seem like such a big deal, the $1000 online tournament offering an actual WSOP bracelet was a huge development.

In the end, the first-ever WSOP US online event attracted 905 players, and was won by Anthony Spinella, who took home just shy of $198,000 alongside his very first WSOP bracelet.

In the following years, WSOP continued to add more online events. In 2017, the amount of money awarded in online bracelet tournaments exceeded $3,000,000.

Of course, the year 2020 was, beyond doubt, the biggest one for the USA WSOP online branch. Having moved the entire World Series of Poker online, the operator saw a huge surge in traffic over the summer.

A grand total of 31 events took place on WSOP/888 with a total prize pool in excess of $26.8 million. The biggest prize pool was generated in the $1000 NLH Championship event: $2,019,700, while six tournaments had prize pools in excess of $1,000,000.

WSOP 2020 Online Bracelet Events Stats

  • Bracelet Events Ran — 31
  • Total Prize Pool Generated — $26,871,265
  • Avg Prize Pool — $866,815
  • Avg Buy-In — $802
  • Biggest Prize Pool — $2,019,700 (July 31 — Event #31 NLH Championship $1000 Buy-in)
  • No. of Events with $1 Million Prize Pools — 6 (Events #10, #12, #14, #26, #29, #31)
  • Total First-Place Prizes — $4,718,447
  • Average First-Place Prize — $152,208
  • Total Entries — 44,179
  • Avg Entries — 1425
  • Total Places Paid — 6582 (excluding knockouts)
  • Biggest Turnout — 2545 (July 19 — Event #19 NLH $400 Buy-in)
  • Total Rake Collected – $2,325,746
Last verified: Nov 2022
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Can I play online poker with WSOP USA?

Yes, you can play online poker in the United States via The operator offers an online poker platform powered by its interactive partner 888.

What states is WSOP US licensed in?

As of right now, WSOP in the US has a presence in Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Does WSOP USA share player pools between different states?

Currently, active WSOP poker sites in NV & NJ share liquidity with each other and with 888 sites in DE. WSOP PA and WSOP MI players currently have to play in ring-fenced market, at least for a little while. Michigan has entered the MSIGA, so shared liquidity is expected to go live in the state shortly, and WSOP will undoubtedly want to take advantage and create the very first four-state online poker network.

Can I play for actual WSOP bracelets on US WSOP online poker sites?

Yes, WSOP in the US offers plenty of opportunities to play for WSOP bracelets online. In fact, in 2020, the entire series was moved to the online environment due to unforeseen circumstances. However, even in a normal situation, there are several bracelet-awarding events on sites every year.

Do I have to be a resident of the United States to play on WSOP USA online sites?

Yes, you need to have a physical address in the US and a SSN to be able to register with WSOP and play for real money.

Can I travel from Europe to play the online World Series of Poker in the US?

The only way to play on regulated WSOP US sites is if you are a resident of the United States. If you travel to the States as a tourist, you will not be able to register and play for real money, even if you are in one of the states where WSOP USA poker sites are available.

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