You Can Now Win Multiple Live Seats Under PokerStars' New "Player's Choice" Satellite Policy You Can Now Win Multiple Live Seats Under PokerStars' New "Player's Choice" Satellite Policy
Key Takeaways
  • PokerStars modifies satellite policy for more flexibility in qualifying for live events.
  • Previous rule limited players to one satellite win per live event.
  • New policy lets players win multiple seats and convert them into Player’s Choice tickets.
  • These can be used for re-entry to the same event, exchanged for different events or used online.
  • The policy applies to seat-only satellites, not packages, and is available in only some markets.

It’s why we created Power Path — designed to let more casual players live their dreams and qualify for big events — and continue to improve our online satellite offering. PokerStars has overturned a longstanding policy applying to tournament satellites, providing players with increased flexibility when qualifying for live regional events.

The previous ruling prohibited players who had won a satellite to a specific live regional event, such as the UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) or Eureka Poker Tour, from participating in satellites for the same event again.

This restriction was implemented to encourage broader participation and prevent regular players from securing multiple seats, which might go unused.

But, this policy had its drawbacks. It not only hindered liquidity by limiting further participation but also posed a significant challenge for those who, having won a seat, found themselves with only one chance to compete in their desired event — especially impacting recreational players.

Recognizing these challenges and aiming to create a more player-friendly environment, PokerStars introduced an updated policy earlier this week.

Last verified: April 2024
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Under the new rules, players now have the opportunity to win more than one seat for regional Main Events. The initial seat won must be used for the target event, but any additional seats earned become “Player’s Choice” tickets, providing players with greater flexibility.

These Player’s Choice tickets offer a range of options including:

  • Re-entering the same regional event
  • Entering another regional event with the same price point at a different stop
  • Combining tickets for higher-value events
  • Dividing them for smaller events
  • Exchanging them for online tickets (e.g., Multiple Sunday Million bundles).

For instance, players can win entry to a €2200 High Roller using 2 Player’s Choice tickets (equivalent to 2 x €/£1100). Similarly, for a €3000 Mystery Bounty tournament, players can use 3 Player’s Choice tickets (3 x €/£1100) and receive €/£300 in T-Money.

The Player’s Choice ticket (€/£1100) not only allows for combining/dividing seats for different events but also provides the flexibility to enter smaller events, such as a €550 buy-in and a €330 buy-in, with any remainder credited as T-Money.

Furthermore, players have the option to exchange or redeem €/£1100 tickets for online ticket bundles, covering marquee events like the Sunday Million, SCOOP, and WCOOP.

However, this new rule specifically applies to satellites offering seat-only tickets and not to full packages. Additionally, the policy is applicable to .COM, .EU, .UK, .DE, and .FR markets, with specific terms and conditions, including a 12-month expiry for Player’s Choice tickets.

Power Path’s Rise

The revision in the policy comes on the heels of the operator’s recent introduction of the Power Path qualification route, a system that has quickly gained popularity among players. This innovative qualification method allows players to win seats at PokerStars’ prestigious events — like those on the PokerStars LIVE 2024 tour — for as low as 50 cents.

“Live events are extremely important to everyone at PokerStars and we want as many of our players to experience them as possible,” the operator wrote in a recent blog post. “It’s why we created Power Path — designed to let more casual players live their dreams and qualify for big events — and continue to improve our online satellite offering.”

The success of Power Path is evident as an increasing number of players, spanning various jurisdictions, have successfully secured their spots at live events using this novel approach. Underlining its significance, the operator has integrated Power Path into its revamped PokerStars Rewards program. Players with entry-tier levels (Blue and Bronze) are granted daily $0.50 Power Path tickets, accumulating to a total of $15.50 per month, as long as they play one raked hand.

Since its launch, the operator has distributed millions in Power Path tickets and has committed to giving away $1.5 million worth of these tickets every month. The substantial boost to Power Path not only democratizes access to major events but also aligns seamlessly with the timing of the new satellite policy.