PokerStars kicked off 2024 by introducing a new loyalty program, making some significant changes to the ways players are rewarded on the platform. The new PokerStars rewards program features a much more transparent system and provides better rewards for most players.

Under the new system, players can get up to 60% rakeback, a significant boost on the previous threshold. Weekly challenges no longer exist, which is in line with the policy of more clarity and transparency.

The operator has also introduced two new tiers on top of the Black tier. These are Select and Select+, geared towards high-volume players, allowing them to fully capitalize on their efforts.

On this page, you’ll find all the important information about the new PokerStars rewards program, how it works, what you can expect to get back, and more.

PokerStars Rewards 2024
🎰 SitePokerStars ( market, excludes 🇺🇸)
💰RakebackUp to 60%
🏅Number of TiersEight: six regular & two annual tiers (Select & Select+)
💵 Method of PaymentCash into account
🤑 How to EarnPlay cash games, tournaments, and all other poker games on the site.
🏦 How to RedeemRakeback is paid automatically
🎖️Best ForMid & high stakes players

PokerStars Rewards in 2024

The revamped PokerStars rewards system is entirely volume-based and, as mentioned, completely transparent. Players can thus set their goals and strive to achieve them without worrying about all-or-nothing scenarios that used to happen with the old Challenges system.

The minimum requirement to earn each Rewards Chest has been increased, but players can look forward to better rewards as well, as the maximum threshold has been increased to 40%. Additionally, all PokerStars rewards are now issued as cash, which makes things much simpler.

Regular players are thus rewarded more generously and have much more flexibility with their rewards, as it is all money you can use however you want.

At the same time, the model for rewarding recreational players now focuses both on the volume of play and the frequency of visits to the site. There is a daily $0.50 Power Path ticket available to all Blue and Bronze players every day they log into their accounts. This is on top of any rewards coming from Chests earned through the actual play.

Finally, the highest-volume players on the site can now really capitalize on their efforts as the new PokerStars rewards scheme features two brand-new tiers: Select and Select+.

Reminiscent of the old Supernova and Supernova Elite statuses, these provide an opportunity for true grinders to move past the 40% rakeback threshold and get as much as 60% of their rake back.

At the highest level, Select+, players receive 60% rakeback on Spin and Gos and Zoom paid automatically into players accounts daily. All other games earn 50%. On top of that there are exclusive promotions, like leaderboards and rakeraces, exclusive to Select+ players.

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Where PokerStars’ New Rewards Program is Active

The new system is active in any location on the global “dot-com” or “dot-EU” website. This includes jurisdictions like Canada (ex-Ontario), Brazil and the rest of South America, New Zealand, and parts of Europe.

For those under local regulations, it is live in UK, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. The operator plans to launch it in Romania, pending regulatory approval (earmarked for March). It is active in Austria, but without the top tiers and with reduced rewards.

Due to regulatory restrictions, or due to commercial reasons (read: higher cost of doing business), the new system is not active in France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, or Belgium. It is also not live in Ontario nor North America.

Country Market New Rewards Active?
Canada (ex-Ontario) International (dot-com)
Argentina International (dot-com)
Brazil International (dot-com)
New Zealand International (dot-com)
All other international dot-com and dot-eu markets
UK International (local regulation)
Estonia International (local regulation)
Bulgaria International (local regulation)
Greece International (local regulation)
Austria International (local regulation) ✅ (no top tiers)
Spain Southern Europe
Romania International (local regulation) ❌ (coming March ’24)
Germany International (local regulation)
Sweden International (local regulation)
Switzerland International (local regulation)
Denmark International (local regulation)
Czech Republic International (local regulation)
Belgium International (local regulation)
France Southern Europe
Portugal Southern Europe
Italy Italy (Segregated)
Ontario Ontario (Segregated)
New Jersey & Michigan PokerStars USA
Pennsylvania PokerStars PA

PokerStars Rewards Chests in 2024

PokerStars has increased requirements for unlocking Chests, which means more rake is required to unlock each individual Chest. However, the minimum value of a Chest has been increased as well.

For the lowest Blue tier, the rakeback percentage is 15% (like before), but now players need to accumulate 2,000 Reward Points to unlock a Chest containing $3. On the Bronze level, the rakeback percentage has been bumped to 17.5%, but the minimum chest value is $10.50, requiring 6,000 RPs to unlock.

In short, players can now get between 15% and 40% in rakeback from Chests, credited as pure cash. Below is the full breakdown of all Tiers, Chest values, and requirements for each of the six tiers.

PokerStars 2024 Rewards Program Breakdown

The PokerStars Rewards system revolves around chests. To unlock one of these, you need to accumulate a certain number of Reward Points, which are generated by paying rake at cash tables and tournament entry fees.

You will earn 100 Rewards Points for every $1 paid in rake or tournament fees, and, depending on your tier level, every time you accumulate the required number of points, you’ll be able to open a chest containing a cash reward. In the table below, we bring a detailed breakdown of these requirements.

Rewards Level Rakeback ($) / Month Reward Requirement Individual Chest Value
Blue (no completion) $0 – 19 Daily Reward 1 raked hand N/A
Blue $20 – $59 15% RB + Daily Reward 2000 RPs $3
Bronze $60 – $199 17.5% RB + Daily Reward 6000 RPs $10.50
Silver $200 – $499 20% RB 20,000 RPs $40
Gold $500 – $1,200 25% RB 50,000 RPs $125
Diamond $1,200 – 2500 30% RB 120,000 RPs $360
Black $2,500+ 40% RB 250,000 RPs $1,000

Daily Power Path Tickets for Recreational Players

With the 2024 PokerStars Rewards program, even completely recreational players get to enjoy a fair bit of rewards. Namely, all players in the Bronze and Blue tiers receive a $.50 Power Path ticket every day they log into their accounts.

This equates to $15+ worth of rewards that players can claim regardless of how much or how little they rake. Players can use these Power Path tickets to start their journey towards winning entries into bigger online and live tournaments.

These tickets are issued on a daily basis, on top of any rewards that players in these two tiers manage to unlock along the way.

The PokerStars Select Program

PokerStars has gone back to its roots, bringing back the best rewards for the players putting in the most volume. The Select program features two levels, both based on the yearly volume, similar to the Supernova and Supernova Elite tiers that existed back in the day.

The minimum of rake required to enter the Select program is $/€50,000 during a one-year rolling period. On top of qualifying for increased rakeback, players who make it into this bracket have a dedicated account manager and get access to special promotions.

PokerStars Select ($/€50,000+ in Rake Paid)

To qualify for PokerStars Select, a player must generate at least $/€50,000 in rake during a one-year period. This gives them access to 50% rakeback, paid directly to their PokerStars account, in cash, every single day.

PokerStars Select+ ($/€100,000+ in Rake Paid)

The PokerStars Select+ tier is reserved for the most dedicated grinders. Players need to generate at least $/€100,000+ in rake over one year to qualify for this exclusive status.

These players receive 60% rakeback from all of their play in Spin & Go games and on Zoom tables. For other game types, such as regular cash games, MTTs, and sit and goes, Select+ players get 50% of the rake back paid into their accounts every day.

PokerStars Select Breakdown

Rewards Level Rake ($) / Year Reward Requirement
Select 50,000 – 100,000 (annual) 50% RB + Exclusive Promos N/A
Select Plus 100,000+ (annual) 50% Base (60% Spins & Zoom) + Exclusive Promos N/A

Stars Coins, The Deal & Rewards Store Removed

With the revamped rewards program, PokerStars has done away with Stars Coins and the accompanying Rewards Store. Since all rewards are paid in cash, Stars Coins no longer have their function and are removed from the platform.

In the same vein, the Rewards Store, where these tokens were used, no longer exists. However, players can still use the PokerStars Store if they wish to buy the operator’s merchandise using cash or their PokerStars balances.

The New Rewards System Rollout

The new rewards system began rolling out on January 22, 2024 with a transitional period to make things as smooth as possible.

  • Players will be moved to the new scheme only after completing their current progress bar.
  • StarsCoins & Rewards Store are being removed. All StarsCoins balances will be converted to cash at the rate of $0.01 for 11 StarsCoin. The process will take place from February 6 — 14, depending on the jurisdiction. On the .com client, StarsCoins will be exchanged for cash on February 8.
  • With StarsCoins gone, The Deal will cease to exist as well. On January 31, the existing jackpot will be divided between all players who contributed since the last jackpot was won based on their contribution. Cash prizes will be issued on February 3.
  • All players who participated in The Deal from January 31, 2023, to January 31, 2024, will also receive a ticket to an All-In Shootout, where remaining future jackpot funds will be distributed in the form of Power Path tickets.
  • Your play on other PokerStars products (casino and sports) will no longer generate Reward Points.

PokerStars 2024 Rewards FAQ

What is poker rakeback?

In online poker, rakeback is what poker sites use to reward players for their play. It gives you a percentage of the rake paid on cash games tables and tournament entry fees back. Poker rakeback is usually paid in cash, but sometimes it can also be paid as a mix of cash, tournament tickets, and other perks.

When did the new PokerStars Rewards program start?

The new loyalty scheme at PokerStars kicked in on January 22, introducing some big changes across the board, including the increased rakeback percentages and switching to all prizes being paid in cash.

Who is eligible for free daily Power Path tickets under the 2024 PokerStars rewards scheme?

All players in the Blue and Bronze tiers get one free $0.50 Power Path ticket every day. The only requirement to claim your ticket is to log in to your account.

What are PokerStars Select and Select+?

PokerStars Select and Select+ are two new tiers based on the annual rake amount. Players need to rake $50,000 (Select) or $100,000 (Select+) on a yearly basis to qualify for these tiers, which makes them eligible for up to 60% in rakeback.

What is the highest rakeback percentage I can get from Chests under the new PokerStars rewards program?

The highest rakeback percentage you can get is 40% if you achieve the Black tier status.

What is the lowest rakeback percentage for PokerStars players?

The lowest rakeback percentage, which you will have access to after accumulating just $20 in rake, is 15%. As soon as you reach the Bronze level, your rakeback is increased to 17.5%.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call the Virginia Council on Problem Gambling (VACPG) helpline at 1-888-532-3500