GGPoker Qualifies Over 600 Players for WSOP 2024 Main Event - 400 More to Come GGPoker Qualifies Over 600 Players for WSOP 2024 Main Event - 400 More to Come
Joe Giron/WSOP

The countdown to the World Series of Poker is ticking away, with less than a month until the kickoff. Although the Main Event is still a couple of months down the line, efforts are in full swing by GGPoker to give players low-cost ways to qualify via their popular Road to Vegas campaign returning for the fourth consecutive year.

Since the campaign’s launch in March, GGPoker has already qualified over 600 players for the 2024 WSOP Main Event.

Precisely, 562 players have won Main Event packages in the dot-com market while 42 have secured their entry in Ontario, Canada via GGPoker ON. Each package, valued at $12,000 includes:

  • $10,000 WSOP 2024 Main Event Buy-in
  • $1000 towards accommodation
  • $1000 in travel expenses
  • Access to the GGPoker Platinum Lounge
  • Special gift package and official GG/WSOP merchandise

With each package valued at $12,000, that’s $7.2 million worth of prize money already claimed.

However, plenty of seats are still available for to be won. With GGPoker committing to sending over 1000 players to participate in the world’s richest poker extravaganza, ample opportunities still abound. What’s more, should a GGPoker qualifier end up winning the Main Event, they stand to receive an additional $1 million bonus on top of the estimated first-place prize of $12 million.

Is this achievable? Absolutely. The 2022 WSOP Main Event champion, Espen Jorstad of Norway, won his way to the $10k buy-in event by qualifying through a $1050 buy-in satellite on GGPoker. He outlasted a field of 8663 runners to win a life-changing $10 million in prize money. Unfortunately for him, GGPoker did not offer this bonus during his victorious year.

Dozens of WSOP 2024 Main Event Packages Being Given Away Every Week

GGPoker is offering multiple Main Event packages on a daily basis, with some days offering as many as half a dozen packages, and Sundays boasting a generous giveaway of at least 15 packages.

Step-satellites are running throughout the day, with entry starting as low as $1. For just $2.50, players can enter step satellites every half hour, guaranteeing access to the $20 buy-in Step, which then leads to the final qualification step priced at either $525 or $1200, depending on the game.

Direct satellites, priced at $525, guarantee one package, while the $1200 buy-in awards multiple packages. Sub-satellites are also available at varying prices ranging from $7 to $150.

Each of these satellites utilizes the trendy “Target Stack“ format. Also known as milestone satellites or landmark satellites, this format brings a refreshing twist to traditional satellites. Unlike traditional satellites that require players to survive until a certain number of players remain, Target Stack satellites allow players to win their seats by reaching a specific chip stack size, known as the target stack, typically set at ten times the starting stack.

This year marks the debut of the Target Stack — a format that addresses common issues with traditional satellites such as stalling and collusion, making them especially attractive to recreational players.

The Main Event Mania satellite, with a $1200 entry fee, is particularly noteworthy, running every Sunday and guaranteeing 15 to 20 WSOP 2024 Main Event packages. Players can also qualify for this satellite through GGPoker’s Express satellites, which are rake-free and provide a quick way to qualify for the target event, typically at a fraction of the buy-in cost.

The WSOP 2024 Main Event commences on July 3 and features four Day 1 flights. Last year, the Main Event shattered all-time records with over 10,000 players, generating more than $93 million in prize money. Expectations are high that this year’s event could set new records yet again.

The Road to Vegas 2024 satellites continue to run until June.