'Isildur1' Bests Dwan in $400k HU Match 'Isildur1' Bests Dwan in $400k HU Match
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Railbirds flocked en masse to Full Tilt Poker over the weekend to watch Full Tilt sponsored pros Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Tom “durrrr” Dwan square off, with Blom emerging victorious and winning Dwan’s $100,000 stake in a virtual rout that lasted less than three hours.

The latest edition, called “Dwan vs. Blom,” reprised the occassional high-stakes duels between the two that date back to 2009. Both players are part of Full Tilt’s new “The Professionals” team of sponsored pros.

The format here was simple. Blom and Dwan each put up $100,000 and played four tables of $100/200 NLHE until one player had all the money. Dwan jumped out to an early lead in the battle before Blom’s cards turned.

In all, the two played 1,391 hands across six distinct tables, as a couple of new tables were swapped in mid-match to allow the players to reload chips. A couple of the largest hands of the night, including the penultimate hand of the match, found the aggressive Blom turning or rivering flushes, and inducing Dwan to pay off big bets.

The final hand saw Dwan, reduced to his last $4,000 at a single table, get it in good pre-flop with a pair of tens against Blom’s A-3. Once again, the board ran Blom’s way, with an ace on the turn giving Blom the better hand and the win in the challenge.

With a quick exchange of “gg” posts, the two departed, leaving their fans to wonder who’ll be next and if Full Tilt will continue an “official” version of the popular challenge matches similar to those Blom participated in on PokerStars.