Pocket Fives Expands New Jersey Community with WSOP Results Tracking

New Jersey’s regulated market now has its own area on the popular online tournament community, Pocket Fives. The site will provide a venue for New Jersey players to chat with each other, but will also be used by operators to communicate information of interest.

Pocket Fives maintains a database of online tournament results and these are now available in player profiles. Partypoker New Jersey and Borgata Poker tournament data was added first and, as of March 31, data has been available from the WSOP New Jersey tournaments as well.

Site rep Adama said that they are currently working to integrate that data: “We’ve already received data dating back several months, but it had some issues that we’re getting resolved before that data is posted to the site.”

Last December Pocket Fives struck a deal with the Global Poker Index (GPI) to share tournament data. Player profiles now include both live and online results providing a comprehensive record of a players’ performances.

The addition of New Jersey data has taken a few months, but is ultimately expected to be back dated to include all results since the introduction of regulated online poker in November 2013.