US Online Poker's Most Aggressive Promo Yet: Rake Free Cash Games for Six Weeks on Ultimate Poker NJ US Online Poker's Most Aggressive Promo Yet: Rake Free Cash Games for Six Weeks on Ultimate Poker NJ
Key Takeaways
  • Ultimate Poker New Jersey is offering 100% rakeback as part of its “Cash Game Crazy” promotion.

Ultimate Poker New Jersey has launched an aggressive new promotion, “Cash Game Crazy,” which gives away 100% rakeback from now through July 31 on all cash games.

The promotion will run through the conclusion of the 2014 World Series of Poker in Nevada, seeking to generate online poker traffic during a time when Nevada online rooms are prospering.

Green Chips and U Dollars

Available exclusively in New Jersey, where Ultimate has so far failed to build consistent online poker cash game liquidity, the promotion is open to all players on Green Chip tier or higher.

All those who qualify will receive bi-weekly deposits into their online poker accounts in the form of “U$,” Ultimate Poker’s internal currency.

These dollars be used for real money play in all poker tournaments and in Ultimate Casino. U$ cannot be cashed out directly, but winnings from play can be.

Previous Promos

In order to achieve Green Chip status, its third of ten VIP tiers, players must accrue a minimum of 100 XP’s in a monthly cycle. 10 XPs are awarded for every dollar in rake attributed to the player, so reaching and maintaining this level should be easy for even low volume players at most stakes.

Ultimate Poker New Jersey has made headlines in the past for its innovative promotions. In February it ran NO-verlay, a month long tournament promo that refunded all tournament buy-ins in U$ (also effectively 100% rakeback) on all entries when a tournament hits its guarantee.

888 ran a promotion in New Jersey that gave 80% rakeback to qualifying players from February to May, a promotion that provided a significant traffic boost. It was quietly extended for some players.

Looking Up

So far, Ultimate has failed to find a foothold in the New Jersey market. According to data provided by PokerScout (via pokerfuse PRO), at its peak, UP NJ averaged just 20 concurrent cash game players in a market of up to 600 concurrent players.

From these modest highs, Ultimate has slipped further, losing market share and declining revenues since March.

Traffic has followed a similar trend. Today it is recording an average of just three to four concurrent cash game players.

The “Cash Game Crazy” is an aggressive bid by Ultimate to reverse this trend.