GGPoker Has Added Nearly $500,000 to GGMasters Prize Pools in 2020 GGPoker Has Added Nearly $500,000 to GGMasters Prize Pools in 2020

One of the fastest growing online poker tournaments, GGMasters by GGPoker is turning out to be a great value for its players.

Since its launch earlier this year, the tournament has run 16 times and on all occasions except for two, it has overlayed, meaning GGPoker added money to the prize pool on top of the entry fees paid by players.

So far, the tournament has fallen short of its guarantee by a combined amount of $464,448 — an average overlay of nearly $30,000 every week.

Interesting Facts and Key Statistics about GGMasters:

  • Total Times Ran So Far: 16
  • Total Prize Money Paid Out: $5,682,918
  • Average Prize Pool: $355,182
  • Total Players Participated: 37,815
  • Average Players per Tournament 2363
  • No. of Times Overlayed: 14 (87.5%)
  • Total Amount of Overlay: $464,448
  • Average Overlay per Tournament: $29,028

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GGMasters Grows Bigger and Bigger

While it may seem like that the tournament is falling short of its guarantee due to lack of player interest, it is not the case, in fact, it is the opposite — the tournament’s participation is growing every week.

Last week, GGMasters enjoyed its best turnout yet, pulling in 3383 players, yet falling short of its requisite 3624 players to meet its ambitious $500,000 guarantee, creating an overlay of around $33,000.

A total of 539 players (approx 16%) made in the money, with the minimum payout being awarded equal to two times the $150 buy-in and the winner taking home $58,805.64.

Prior to that, the tournament drew 3203 players on April 12 creating an overlay of nearly $58,000 and on April 15, it attracted 3121 players, creating an overlay of almost $70,000.

The tournament is continuously missing its guarantee by designs as the operator sees setting ambitious guarantees as a way to help grow the tournament.

When the tournament made its debut in January, it had just a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool — half of what is today. The inaugural week saw 1610 players join the field, meaning GGPoker had to add nearly $28,000 to the prize pool. Despite not meeting its guarantee, GGPoker raised the guarantee to $300,000.

The tournament continued to miss its guarantee for weeks until on March 15, it breached its $300,000 guarantee for the first time. And in response, the operator bumped its guarantee again to $400,000 and once again to $500,000, soon after its new $400,000 guaranteed prize pool was hit.

Since its first outing on January 5, the tournament’s guarantee has doubled and so has the participation. Perhaps, the growth would not have occurred had GGPoker taken a cautious approach by holding its guarantee to $250,000 or $300,000.

What also helped GGMasters to grow is the huge influx to online poker traffic recently in the wake of the pandemic outbreak, forcing multiple countries across the world to go under lockdown. But still, the operator has been quite bold and aggressive setting guarantees of its biggest tournament on the schedule.

GGMasters takes place every Sunday at 17:00 UTC (1 PM ET). It comes for an accessible buy-in of $150.

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In addition to the prize money, players are also competing for Player of the Year (PoY), the winner of which has a chance to become an ambassador for the GGPoker network, worth $500,000. Those who finish in second through tenth place receive a package of entries to the 2021 GGMasters tournaments, each worth $7800.

Satellites run around the clock every day with buy-ins starting as low as $1.50. Direct satellites are also available for a $15 buy-in. Each of the $15 buy-in satellites guarantees seats to the $150 buy-in tournament and in peak hours, it guarantees 20 to 75 seats.

Players can also qualify via the newly added one-table Sit & Go satellites for a buy-in of $27.

GGMasters Pocket Pair Flip Promotion

Additionally, for this week only, GGPoker is running a special promotion offering players a chance to win a seat to the GGMasters tournament by playing at Rush & Cash tables and picking up premium pocket pairs.

Players who are dealt AA, KK and QQ on Rush & Cash tables (the operator’s fast-fold format) before 04:00 UTC on Sunday, get a free ticket to a $3000 GGMasters Flip Satellite where the top 20 players win a seat to the $500,000 guaranteed tournament.

GGMasters General Information

  • $500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Runs every Sunday at 17:00 UTC (1 PM ET)
  • $150 buy-in ($138+$12)
  • Tournament played as a Freezeout (no rebuys or re-entries permitted)
  • Comes with a Player of the Leaderboard with over half a million in prizes

For additional information, check out our comprehensive GGMasters FAQ page.