Last Updated October 6, 2020
Originally Published February 7, 2020

Originally launched in January 2020, the GGMasters brand represents GGPoker’s high profile online poker tournaments that provide great value for its participants.

The tournament was originally designed with the help of Daniel Negreanu, GGPoker’s biggest ambassador, and the weekly freezeout featured a $150 buy-in with a guarantee that was boosted every time it met its guarantee – going from $250,000 to $500,000 in less than three months.

But because the tournament became so popular with the poker playing community, GGPoker decided to expand the GGMasters brand in September to include $1.8 million in guarantees every week.

GGPoker took the idea of a weekly freezout with a reasonable buy-in and an attractive guarantee and boosted it to the next level by adding Daily GGMasters tournaments and a weekly High Rollers GGMasters.

The Daily GGMasters tournaments feature a $50,000 guarantee for just a $25 buy-in. The freezeout events run every day except Sunday (when the original GGMasters runs) at 17:00 GMT and these new Daily events count towards the Player of the Year Leaderboard.

The GGMasters High Rollers take place on Sunday at 17:00 GMT, the same day and time that the original GGMasters runs. The new High Roller freezeout features a $1 million guarantee for a $1050 buy-in. This event also counts towards the Player of the Year Leaderboard.

And of course, the original GGMasters still runs on Sunday at 17:00 GMT as a freezeout with a $500,000 guarantee and a $150 buy-in.

The Player of the Year Leaderboard contest offers the winner a chance to become an ambassador for GGPoker. The ambassador contract is worth up to $500,000, according to the operator. Additional details about the prize are scheduled to be released in November.

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When Do the GGMasters Run and At What Time?

The Daily GGMasters take place on the GGPoker network every day at 17:00 GMT.

The Original GGMasters takes place every Sunday at 17:00 GMT.

The GGMasters High Rollers run on Sundays at 17:00 GMT.

What are the Buy-ins and Tournament Fees for the Different GGMasters Events?

The original GGMasters carries a $150 buy-in. The tournament is raked 8%, meaning $138 of the buy-in goes to the prize pool and the remaining $12 is charged by the network as tournament fee.

The Daily GGMasters carries a $25 buy-in with $23 allocated for the prize pool and the remaining $2 going to the operator as a tournament fee. Like the original, the $2 fee works out to 8%.

The GGMasters High Rollers has a $1050 buy-in, $50 of which is the tournament fee. The fee on this event breaks down to 4.8%, the lowest in terms of percentage of the three GGMasters tournaments.

How Much Does GG Masters Guarantee?

The $150 buy-in GGMasters (the original) boasts a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool. It originally started with a $250,000 guarantee, and as it got closer to meeting that guarantee, GGPoker bumped it up to $300,000. After weeks of overlays, the tournament finally met its $300,000 guaranteed prize money for the first time on March 15. Three days later, GGPoker bumped up the guarantee to $400,000 and again to $500,000 after the $400,000 guarantee was met.

The $25 buy-in Daily GGMasters each carry a $50,000 guarantee and the GGMasters High Rollers features a $1 million guarantee every Sunday.

What is the Structure of GGMasters Tournaments?

All of the GGMasters tournaments are played as a freezeouts, meaning no re-entries or rebuys are allowed. The tournaments are played 8-handed except for the final tables which get switched to 9-handed.

The tournaments allow late registration for 180 minutes (3 hours) through Level 16. Players receive 200 big blinds as their starting stack and blind levels change:

  • Every 10 minutes for the Daily events
  • Every 12 minutes for the original GGMasters
  • Every 15 minutes for the GGMasters High Rollers

What Percentage of Places are Paid in GGMasters?

All of the GGMasters tournaments pay the top 15% places.

Does GGMasters Allow Rebuys or Reentries?

No, since the tournaments are freezeouts, every player gets a single shot in each tournament to reach the money. Once eliminated, players cannot enter the tournaments again (until the next one kicks off).

How Can I Qualify for GGMasters? What Buy-ins Are Available for Satellites to the GGMasters?

GGPoker offers a plethora of satellites and qualifiers running around the clock throughout the week.

Players can qualify for Daily GGMasters for as little as $2.50 for Hyper Satellites that guarantee 2 seats and run twice an hour. Mega Satellites that guarantee 20 seats cost $3 to enter and run every day.

Satellites to the original GGMasters are available for as little as a $15 buy-in, with step qualifiers starting as low as $1.50. These satellites run every half an hour, with the $15 buy-in satellites guaranteeing between two to fifteen seats depending on the time slot.

GGMasters High Rollers satellites cost $100, guarantee between 3 and 6 seats and run multiple times per day. $10 qualifiers to the $100 satellites run twice an hour.

GGMasters Edition Qualifiers Satellites
Daily GGMasters n/a $2.50-$3
GGMasters $1.50 $15
GGMasters High Rollers $10 $100

Once qualified for GG Masters, players will not be allowed to unregister.

Does GG Masters Has a Leaderboard? What are the Prizes?

Yes, GGMasters has its own dedicated Player of the Year (POY) leaderboard in which players accumulate points throughout the year. All versions of the GGMasters count towards the POY Leaderboard.

The player who finishes the leaderboard with the most POY points at the end of the year ends up becoming an ambassador for the site, which is worth up to $500,000.

The leaderboard also rewards those that finish in second through tenth place with a package of entries to the 2021 GGMasters tournaments, each worth $7800.

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How Does the GGMasters Leaderboard Work?

Every time players cash in a GGMasters tournament during the year, they are awarded leaderboard points.

The leaderboard has been designed to award a lot of points to players who reach the final table. So if you have missed out the first few weeks, worry not as you have plenty of opportunities to top the leaderboard.

The leaderboard ranking formula is based on the tournament buy-in and the amount the player wins. The formula for GGMasters leaderboard is as follows:

f * sqrt(Prize pool / k)

  • k is the place of finish
  • f=2.0 (1st place)
  • f=1.5 (Final table)
  • f=1.0 (In the money)
  • f=0.5 (Bubble)

To summarize, the important things to know about the GG Masters leaderboard are:

  • The higher the finishing position, the more points players accumulate
  • The more players there are in the tournament, the more points players can earn
  • Extra points are awarded to players that finish in 1st place, make the Final Table, and even Bubble
  • The Leaderboard is top-heavy, giving players that are unable to play many of the tournaments a real shot at winning the competition

Does GGMasters Utilize GGPoker’s Tournament Staking Feature?

Yes, GGPoker’s built-in tournament staking platform allows players to buy or sell action in GGMasters events with no additional fee. This can be done so by going to the tournament lobby and heading to the staking window. Being able to sell action can allow players with smaller bankrolls to play the GGMasters.

What Additional Perks Does GGMaster Provide Players?

GGMasters supports many of the network’s unique features including Bubble Protection – a feature that refunds players their buy-in if they bust out just before the money.

Bubble Protection is available for free as players don’t have to pay any additional fee to take advantage of this protection. The only caveat is that players must register for the tournament before it starts.

The size of the bubble depends on the number of entrants. As per GGPoker’s bubble definition, if the tournament gets entries between 1000 to 1999, the bubble is 4 and if the number of entrants is between 2000 and 2999 the bubble is 5.

In addition to the Bubble Protection feature, GGMasters also supports Smart HUD – the network’s built-in tracking tool—as well as final table features such as the ability to switch seats, a chess clock, deal making, etc.

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