GGPoker Giving Away $5 Million Via Promotions This October GGPoker Giving Away $5 Million Via Promotions This October

There is millions of dollars in promotions up for grabs on GGPoker this month, and here we provide the information you need to maximize your ability to take advantage of the cash and prizes on offer.

GGPoker is giving away $5 million during October that will be spread across eight different promotions – making sure there is something for everyone. For example, there are daily leaderboard challenges across both the Hold’em and Omaha tables, prizes for just logging in to your GGPoker account, and a generous welcome package for new players.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the promotions, it is worth noting that the $5 million on offer this month matches the biggest amount of money that GGPoker has ever given away via promotions in one month.

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In July and August of this year, GGPoker also guaranteed $5 million across a suite of promotions, and at the time that was regarded as the operator’s biggest giveaway to date. GGPoker even went so far as to say it was “the biggest giveaway in the history of online poker.”

Don’t forget running at the same time, over the summer months was the GG WSOP 2020 online series, which was the first time the World Series of Poker was available online for those in the dot-com market.

However, the $5 million in promotions during the WSOP spanned nearly two months making the $5 million being given away over October even more juicy and cementing it as the biggest giveaway the operator has run.

Nipping close at its heels was the suite of promotions run in September where $4 million was given away.

Let’s take a closer look at the promotions coming up in October.

GGPoker Promotions Running October

Rush and Cash $33,000 Leaderboard

As seen in previous months, the Rush & Cash leaderboard returns where $33,000 is paid out daily. Rush & Cash is GGPoker’s fast-fold cash game variant where players are moved to a new table as soon as they fold.

14 individual leaderboards are running across Hold’em and Omaha tables.

Points are earned when players sit at the Rush & Cash tables, up to 10 points can be earner per hand. Happy Hours will provide the opportunity to double the amount of rewards received for two hours each day between 22:00 and 24:00 PST.

These leaderboards reset daily.

The mechanics of how it works:

  • Players earn points for each Rush & Cash hand they play
  • Prizes are awarded daily
  • There are leaderboards for each stake ($0.01/$0.02 to up to $1/$2)
  • Prizes are awarded to the top 20 to 100 players (depending on the stake)
  • Double points are available during Happy Hours from 02:00 UTC to 04:00 UTC
  • Rush & Cash is now available for Omaha too

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All in or Fold

All in or Fold is a promotion that has been seen before, and it is super easy to participate. Players that play 100 hands of All in or Fold will get an instant One Buy-in Reward.

Also, look out for the All in or Fold Bingo Rewards side game. If a player matches their All in or Fold hole cards on the 4×4 accompanying bingo board, extra rewards will rain down.

All in or Fold Prize Table

Blind Level Prize (One Buy-in)
$5/$10 $80
$4/$8 $32
$2/$4 $32
$1/$2 $8
$0.50/$1 $8
$0.25/$0.50 $2
$0.10/$0/25 $2

Spin & Gold: Mine Gold $20,000 Daily

Players can win a share of $20,000 each day over on the Spin & Gold tables, GGPoker’s lottery style Sit & Go.

Players just need to play on the Spin & Gold tables to start earning points to climb the daily leaderboard. Points are earned based on the buy-in level and how well players play at those tables.

There is a leaderboard for each of the eight Spin & Gold buy-ins awarding anywhere between the top 15 to 100 finishers each day.

Daily Free Spin: Spin & Gold

This promotion couldn’t be any simpler. All players need to do is log into their GGPoker account to get a free $0.25 ticket to GGPoker’s lottery sit and go, Spin & Gold. Players can earn up to 12,000 times their buy-in on the Spin & Gold tables, so this is really a no brainer to get a free ticket.

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Daily $20,000 Hold’em Leaderboard

The Daily Hold’em leaderboards return for another month at GGPoker. Running October 1 to October 31 the leaderboard will be giving away $20,000 every day. This means that $620,000 will be up for grabs as part of this promotion alone.

Leaderboard rankings are always determined by the number of raked hands played and the stake level that is being played.

Happy Hours will drop between the hours of 22:00 and 24:00 PST giving players 1.5 times more points.

Daily $20,000 Omaha Leaderboard

The same leaderboard promotion as seen on the Hold’em tables is also running over on the Omaha tables. Kicking off on October 1 and running until October 31 players who climb the ranks of the leaderboard can win their share of $620,000 over the course of the month. $20,000 will be paid out each day.

As seen over on Hold’em, Happy Hours will drop between the hours of 22:00 and 24:00 PST giving players 1.5 times more points, so if you can be online at this time, is makes sense to maximize your leaderboard points.

Short Deck 6+

$7500 is on offer each day over on the Short Deck 6+ tables on GGPoker with this new leaderboard addition.

This means $230,000 will be given away in October via this leaderboard race that covers all stake levels. Points are awarded across all nine stake levels.

Players should keep an eye out for Happy Hours that drop 22:00 and 24:00 PST and can award up to 1.5 times leaderboard points.

Honeymoon for Newcomers

This promotion has been running for a while and is for any new player signing up to GGPoker.
Players will have three days from signing up to activate the promotion.

Up to $300 in rewards will be given away as part of the promotion after successful missions have been completed.

The breakdown of missions and prizes are as follows:

Successful Missions Rewards
3 1 Ticket to Omaholic $1
5 $2.50
7 1 Ticket to T$ Builder $4
15 T$12.50
20 $20.00
25 T$110
30 $150

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If promotions don’t do it for you, then GGPoker also has some great weekly tournaments including the GGMasters which now guarantees $1.8 million every week, and an overhauled rewards program that has just launched.

In November, The Battle of Malta will play out on GGPoker for the first time. The low to mid-stakes festival will be spread over three weeks from November 1 to November 22. The headliner will be a $550 Main Event with a $3 million guarantee.

For players in Asia, GGPoker will be running the WPT Asia Online Series. The series guarantees 100 million in Hong Kong Dollars, equivalent to nearly $13 million in USD and is touted as “Asia’s biggest series ever.”