Game of Gold Reunion Show: Season 2 Official, Production Already Underway Game of Gold Reunion Show: Season 2 Official, Production Already Underway

GGPoker has brought back all participants of its hit Game of Gold for a special Reunion Show. Published on the operator’s YouTube channel, the 11-minute short is a throwback to some of the most interesting and tense moments from Season 1, with a short segment reserved for viewer’s questions at the very end.

The opportunity to hear players explain some of their actions during the show — and describe how they felt at various stages — certainly makes it worth a watch. But even more interesting: Season 2 of the Game of Gold is official.

Back in November, we reported it was under consideration. But now, according to Game of Gold reunion host Jeff Platt, production is already underway.

“I can tell you that Season 2 of Game of Gold is official. So the production process has already begun there,” said Platt. He went on to say “the taping has already started with a brand new cast” — but then added “I’m joking about that last part” — leaving open the door for some of Season 1’s cast members to return. (Platt later clarified the taping had not actually started at the time this reunion was shot).

This is the first confirmation that we’ll get to enjoy a whole new season of the show soon. Gold of Gold was a watershed moment in poker programming — it will be fascinating to see what they can do with a whole new season.

Drama, Camaraderie, and Strategy

Anyone who’s seen Game of Gold knows that the show had many intense moments away from the felt. The concept forced players to play for their teams while also looking after their own interests, trying to accumulate as many coins as possible.

With this, producers created an interesting situation that led to some inevitable conflicts within the teams, especially as the show progressed.

One memorable clash happened between Yoh Viral and Jungleman. It was pretty heated, and many viewers were left wondering if the whole thing was scripted. As it turns out, it wasn’t — the argument was genuine, although Viral said that he was holding back because of the cameras. The same couldn’t be said for Cates.

David Williams got into a big argument with Charlie Carrel at one point, and the whole thing was out of character for Williams. In the GoG Reunion video, he confessed it was all a part of his strategy, as he realized he really needed to go first and try to get some coins, so he came up with an elaborate plan to get his way — through flattery or attacking Charlie’s character and calling him selfish, whichever worked.

But it wasn’t all about drama. Josh Arieh said that, although he found playing poker as a team sport strange, he was really motivated to perform well for his team.

Negreanu, whose insanely strong team was eliminated first (that’s the variance for you), explained that, although he wasn’t happy to leave the show so early, he cherished the opportunity to enjoy the rest of the GoG as a simple fan.

Less Hold’em for Season 2?

Answering one of the viewer’s questions, Yoh Viral said that adding Indian poker to the mix was an interesting twist and something viewers really enjoyed, suggesting more twists like this for future seasons.

Nikita Luther took this opportunity to reiterate that this wasn’t how people in India played poker, despite the name. Being somewhat of an expert on the topic, we can confirm that poker games in India don’t involve pressing cards against your forehead.

To wrap things up, Jeff Platt, the Game of Gold host and the moderator for this little reunion, made an official announcement for Season 2, saying that the production is already underway.

Hopefully, in the weeks to come, we’ll get more info about season 2 of GGPoker’s hit show — and find out if it will be the whole new setup, or if some of the Season 1 participants will come back. We would expect at least Maria Ho, the inaugural winner, to be there, but we’ll leave those speculations for a different article.