Poker fans around the world have been treated to a brand new poker show, Game of Gold.

Game of Gold premiered in November 2023 as a joint production between global online poker room GGPoker and the Poker After Dark team. The show was an overnight smash hit. The blend of reality TV with well-edited, high production live poker proved to be a hit format that took the poker world by storm.

Season 1 comprised 12 episodes, with the final episode released on December 8, 2023. If you have not had the opportunity to see the show as of yet, you can jump to the full list of Season 1 episodes on this page. Season 2 is confirmed and, as of early 2024, production is underway. We expect it to be released in the back half of the year.

In this guide, we bring you all the information about Game of Gold, so if you want more background information before diving into the action, keep reading!

Game of Gold Freerolls on GGPoker

Every time a Game of Gold episode drops GGPoker are running a $10,000 Game of Gold freeroll. During every episode a password will be pinned to the comments section of every video. Find the freeroll in the GGPoker lobby, enter the password and play. Players must have a GGPoker account in order to play.

GGPoker’s Game of Gold Season 1
🎥 Where To WatchAll episodes available for free via YouTube.
👯‍ Game of Gold Famous FacesDaniel Negreanu, Jason Koon, Maria Ho, Kevin Martin, Fedor Holz, Jungleman all feature plus many more.
🔉 Dates Aired10 November to 8 December,2023
📸 Number of Episodes 12 episodes
♠️ Season 2 In pre-production
🤜🤛 Online PartnerGGPoker

What is Game of Gold?

Game of Gold is a hybrid poker and reality show aired on YouTube by GGPoker and Poker After Dark producers. It features sixteen poker pros who get put into four teams at random. Each player has to battle it out at the poker tables, playing a variety of formats and accruing points that will translate into an overall individual winner.

Whilst game play is happening, remaining team members can watch a cards-up live stream, that adds the reality tv element. All episodes are available for free on YouTube and have already amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

The first episode finally hit the GGPoker YouTube channel on November 10, 2023, and the final aired on December 8, 2023. it went on to win the GPI Awards of Merit due to how it got the entire poker community talking!

GGPoker hosted a reunion taking place during WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas on December 13. In the video, it was confirmed that Season 2 was in the works.

Last verified: July 2024
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Season 1: A Game of Gold

GGPoker brought a formidable lineup of poker players to compete in the show. Players in Season 1 included:

  • Daniel Negreanu 🇨🇦
  • Maria Ho 🇺🇸
  • Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates 🇺🇸
  • Jason Koon 🇺🇸
  • Josh Arieh 🇺🇸
  • Charlie Carrel 🇬🇧
  • Fedor Holz 🇧🇪
  • David Williams 🇺🇸
  • Lukas Robinson 🇬🇧
  • Olga Iermolcheva 🇺🇦
  • Nikita Luther 🇳🇪
  • Kevin Martin 🇨🇦
  • Andy 'Stacks’ Tsai 🇺🇸
  • Yohan 'YoH ViraL’ Guilbert 🇫🇷
  • Michael Soyz 🇱🇷
  • Kyna England 🇺🇸

Out of the sixteen players in total started the show, but only one of them would eventually walk away with the prize of $456,000.

Why is $456,000 the prize pool? Turns out the smash Netflix hit Squid Games was behind the inspiration.

GGPoker creative director Spunky Hwang told us: We started debating hands and talking trash … suddenly, somebody in the room suggested that having a camera in our waiting room would be hilarious.”

Hang went on to add: “Yes, Squid Game was an incredible Korean show, and we definitely took note of the aspects of that show that created drama and excitement”

Game of Gold Teams: Bringing Team Play to Poker

We are very happy to hear that the community is enjoying the content as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Unlike many poker shows, which focus on individual efforts, Game of Gold has an important team element to it. The show is about collecting golden coins by winning matches, with special bonuses for the best-performing teams.

Every player starts with 20 coins, and they want to grow their stack as much as possible by the final round, which sees the remaining competitors play in a winner-takes-all tournament. The number of coins determines the size of the starting stack, as players get one starting big blind for every coin in their possession.

To start things off, players were divided into four teams of four players and had to face each other in a series of sit-and-goes. There is the twist, however, as prizes increase as the rounds progress, so the winner of the final, fourth sit and go, wins much more coins than the first round winner.

Round 1 Teams

Team Clubs Team Diamonds Team Hearts Team Spades
Daniel Negreanu Maria Ho Olga Iermolcheva Nikita Luther
Kevin Martin Dan 'Jungleman’ Cates Andy 'Stacks’ Tsai Yohan 'YoH ViraL’ Guilbert
Michael Soyza Kyna England David Williams Fedor Holz
Jason Koon Josh Arieh Lukas Robinson Charlie Carrel

This created interesting dynamics, as the teams had to calculate and try to predict their opponents’ moves. On the one hand, they wanted to make the best decision for the team, but on the other, every player also had to watch for their interest as they needed to grow their stash of coins as much as possible.

If you have not watched beyond episode 4, and want to avoid spoilers then jump here and do not keep reading.

After the first round, one team, Team Clubs, was eliminated, despite the fact it consisted of very strong players led by none other than Daniel Negreanu.

For the next round, players were divided into three-person teams and had to face each other off in a series of heads-up matches. The rules here were different, though, as the winner of the match gets to stay at the table for as long as they’re winning, giving them a chance to collect a lot of coins.

Round 2 Teams

Team Johan Team Fedor Team Charlie Team Nikita
Yoh Viral Fedor Holz Charlie Carrel Nikita Luther
Kyna England Maria Ho Andy Stacks Olga Iermolcheva
Dan Cates Josh Arieh David Williams Lukas Robinson

This setup led to some altercations among team members, as there was a clear edge in being the first one to take the seat. By the same token, the player selected to be the third one in was at a disadvantage, with a real possibility of not even getting to play.

“Game of Gold was honestly the best experience of my life,” said 26-year-old British poker player and streamer Robinson to pokerfuse. “To play on a poker reality TV show with some of my biggest idols growing up, like Dnegs and Fedor Holz was insane.”

“If I am honest, because I was the most inexperienced player, I felt so nervous during the whole show. I think my lack of experience in playing under the cameras really showed in my plays. But I was proud with how I just kept being myself, and I tried to remain positive and focused throughout the show,” Robinson shared.

“An experience of a lifetime, that I will never ever forget! I just want to thank GGPoker and all the staff that worked on the show for giving me this opportunity and for allowing me to be part of one of the greatest ever poker TV shows,” he added.

Round 3: No More Team Play

When Round 2 finished, Team Nikita was eliminated, while three players advanced straight to the final round — Kyna, Maria, and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates. The remaining six had to come back the next day to fight for the last three spots in the final tournament.

Each player was allowed to pick their partner this time around without any interference from the host. So, they proceeded to do so, choosing the player they’d like to have on their team. And then that Squid Game “in your face” moment that Spunky mentioned in his interview kicked in.

It was revealed that players were not choosing a partner but rather the opponent for the final round, as everyone would have to face off against the person they selected in a single round of Indian Poker.

In Indian Poker, each player holds a single card face up so that their opponent can see the card, but they do not know what card they are holding. Aces are high, deuces are low, there is a single no-limit betting round, and the highest card at the showdown wins the pot.

So, the only information players have to work with is the value of their opponent’s card. However, there are a few special rules to make things more interesting:

  • Used cards are removed from the deck until there are only 10 cards remaining
  • If a player folds an Ace, they do not only lose the pot but also half of their remaining stack
  • The winner of the match receives half of the opponent’s total coins and moves on to the next round

So, as it turned out, the pairings for Round 3 were:

  1. David Williams vs. Kyna England
  2. Charlie Carrel vs. Dan Cates
  3. Yoh Viral vs. Andy Stacks

The bolded players came out on top, using some strategy and having a bit of luck along the way, while David, Charlie, and Andy were sent home. And so, the stage was set.

Game of Gold: The Final Tournament

The final six players who made it to the last game and who will be competing for the $456,000 prize are:

  1. Maria Ho — Starting with 261 coins
  2. Yoh Viral — starting with 239 coins
  3. Josh Arieh — starting with 220 coins
  4. Fedor Holz — starting with 195 coins
  5. Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates — starting with 109 coins
  6. Kyna England — starting with 81 coins

According to the Game of Gold rules, each player will start with the number of big blinds in his stack equal to the number of coins they collected during previous rounds, so Kyna and Cates will have some catching up to do while there is not much separating the top three.

The finale has now aired and the winner is crowned! But it’s not over yet. The WSOP has hinted at the possibility of the Game of Gold finalists coming together in the Bahamas.

All we know is that the “reunion” is taking place on December 13, after WSOP Paradise wraps up in the Bahamas.

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Reunion / Behind the Scenes

Game of Gold Season 2 is in Production

Spunky Hwang, GGPoker Creative Director, Producer & Director of Game of Gold, first confirmed they were discussing a second season in an exclusive with pokerfuse in November 2023.

“We are very happy to hear that the community is enjoying the content as much as we enjoyed filming it. It was incredibly entertaining to watch all these players zoned in and giving their all to stay alive during the shoot,” Hwang, the force behind Game of Gold, said.

In February 2024, the reunion video aired. In it, host Jeff Platt said that Season 2 was already in production

“I can tell you that Season 2 of Game of Gold is official. So the production process has already begun there,” said Platt. He went on to say “the taping has already started with a brand new cast” — but then added “I’m joking about that last part” — leaving open the door for some of Season 1’s cast members to return.

Poker & Reality TV — Does It Work?

As mentioned, there was some skepticism about the whole idea surrounding Game of Gold as this kind of a blend of poker and reality show was never tried before. People were unsure what to expect and if GGPoker could pull it off.

All these concerns went away as soon as the first episode aired as it became clear the show hit the nail on the head. Producers were able to find just the right balance between the gameplay and behind-the-scenes happenings, adding the kind of suspense and banter that you do not get with other shows.

While players are battling it out at the tables, their teammates can follow all the action in real-time and see everyone’s hole cards. So, they have all the information at their disposal and can experience every big moment in full, biting their nails as they hope for a big bluff to get through or letting their emotions out when things do not go to plan.

Beyond poker, though, Game of Gold has introduced some interesting strategic elements where players have to balance their individual goals and best decisions for teams. As expected, these things do not always line up, and the tension increases as the show progresses and that final round gets closer.

Game of Gold is a breath of fresh air and a poker show we needed, even if we did not know it. It provides great content that appeals to a wider audience and could be a great vehicle for introducing poker to people who may know nothing or very little about the game.

Currently most episodes have around 300K views, which shows its popularity reaches beyond the traditional poker community.

Game of Gold vs. The Big Game — Which Is Better?

While Game of Gold is GGPoker’s first attempt at producing a poker show, PokerStars has had one for many years in The Big Game. The show was hugely popular until it was paused, but the operator announced its big return during this year’s NAPT in Las Vegas with The Big Game on the Tour, scheduled to air early in 2024.

Now that both of these major poker sites have their shows, we can finally make a comparison and try to answer who did it better.

The production quality of Game of Gold is pristine, as everything, from background music to dramatic cuts, helps make the show a nail-biting experience from start to finish. Even if you’re not into poker, there is enough drama, tension, and shouting to keep you in your chair.

The Big Game is a different type of poker show. It focuses primarily and almost exclusively on the game, but there is that element of an underdog trying to get the best of the pros salivating at the idea of easy money. It has plenty of tense and dramatic moments, but they are different.

It is probably not fair to try and compare the two in terms of which is better, as both are very enjoyable to watch. It boils down to what aspects you enjoy more — is it the drama that happens on the felt or the raw emotion happening behind the scenes?

Game of Gold is unlike any poker show we have seen but we predict it a very bright future, especially with the talks of Season 2 already floating around. The Big Game is exciting, but we already know what we can expect there, so it is only natural to get more excited for something brand new and unique that can take us on a journey we have not been on before.

Game of Gold FAQ

Who features in Game of Gold?

Game of Gold from GGPoker features a stellar cast of professional players from Daniel Negreanu, Maira Ho, Fedor Holz to Kevin Martin, Dan “Jungleman” Cates, and many more famous faces.

Where can I watch Game of Gold?

Game of Gold is available on the GGPoker YouTube channel or via our episodes section above.

Who developed Game of Gold?

Game of Gold is the brainchild of online poker operator GGPoker and the producers of the iconic Poker After Dark series.

Is Game of Gold free to watch?

Yes! You can watch Game of Gold episodes for free either via the episodes section above, or via the GGPoker YouTube page.

How many episodes of Game of Gold are there?

Currently, there are 12 Game of Gold episodes, plus a short reunion episode. Season 2 is in production.

Is Game of Gold a reality show or a poker show?

It is both! GGPoker and Poker After Dark have perfectly mashed up the worlds of poker and reality tv to bring a compelling show to audiences.

When did Game of Gold first air?

The first episode of Game of Gold landed on YouTube on November 10, 2023.

Who is Daniel Negreanu on Game of Gold?

Daniel Negreanu needs almost no introduction. Poker royalty Negreanu is 5th on the Hendon Mob All Time Money List and is currently a GGPoker Ambassador.

Who is Maria Ho on Game of Gold?

Maria Ho is a professional poker player, Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee, and poker host and commentator for PokerGO. Ho has almost $5 million in live tournament winnings according to the Hendon Mob.

Who is Kevin Martin on Game of Gold?

Kevin Martin is a GGPoker Ambassador, professional poker player, and reality TV star, having made his name on Big Brother Canada in 2017. He has since appeared on Traitors Canada, another reality TV show that took the world by storm.

Who is Dan “Jungleman” Cates on Game of Gold?

Jungleman is a high-stakes poker player famous for Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold 'em matches, most famously the Durrr Challenge against Tom Dwan.

Who is Jason Koon on Game of Gold?

Jason Koon a famous poker pro, who currently sits at number 4 in the Hendon Mob All Time Money list. He is a GGPoker Ambassador and has over $42 million in live tournament cashes, including multiple high-roller tournament victories.

Who is Fedor Holz on Game of Gold?

Fedor Holz is a high stakes professional poker player from Germany who is also known as his online moniker ‘CrownUpGuy’. Holz is a GGPoker Ambassador and has over $32.5 million in poker winnings to his name.

Who won Game of Gold?

Maria Ho and Dan “Jungleman” Cates faced off in the finale! Maria Ho won the heads up match and was crowned Game of Gold winner.

Who is Daniel Negreanu on Game of Gold?

Daniel Negreanu, born in 1974 in Toronto, Canada, is one of the most accomplished and recognizable figures in the world of poker. Known for his affable personality and sharp wit, Negreanu has amassed six World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and two World Poker Tour (WPT) titles. His ability to read opponents and make bold yet calculated moves at the table is world renowned. Off the felt, Negreanu is a prolific poker ambassador and has shared his insights through books and instructional videos.

Who is Maria Ho on Game of Gold?

Maria Ho, born in Taipei, Taiwan, and raised in the United States, is a highly skilled and respected professional poker player. With numerous deep runs in major tournaments, including the WSOP Main Event, Ho has established herself as a force to be reckoned with at the poker table. Beyond her success in live tournaments, Maria is also a commentator and host, contributing to the popularization of poker through her media presence.

Who is Daniel 'Jungleman’ Cates on Game of Gold?

Daniel Cates, widely known as “Jungleman,” is an American professional poker player and a distinctive presence in the poker community. He has a reputation for his aggressive playing style and strategic acumen. Cates has achieved significant success in high-stakes online cash games and has competed against some of the best in the world. His fearless approach and mathematical prowess make him a formidable opponent.

Who is Jason Koon on Game of Gold?

Jason Koon, hailing from West Virginia, USA, is a prominent figure in the modern poker scene. With a background in online poker, Koon has successfully transitioned to live tournaments, earning millions in winnings. Known for his calm demeanor and analytical approach, Koon is a regular participant in high-stakes events. He is currently in the top 5 of the Hendon Mob All-Time-Money list.

Who is Josh Arieh on Game of Gold?

Josh Arieh, an American professional poker player, gained widespread recognition with his success in the late 1990s. He has secured multiple WSOP bracelets and has consistently showcased a deep understanding of the game. Arieh’s ability to adapt to different playing styles has contributed to his longevity and continued success in the competitive poker arena.

Who is Charlie Carrel on Game of Gold?

Charlie Carrel, a British poker player, has quickly risen through the ranks to become a formidable force in the poker world. Known for his online tournament victories and live event performances, Carrel’s strategic versatility and fearless approach set him apart. His dedication to studying the game and his analytical mindset have earned him respect among peers.

Who is Fedor Holz on Game of Gold?

Fedor Holz, a German professional poker player born in 1993, has made a significant impact on the poker scene. With a remarkable series of tournament victories and a brief but highly successful career, Holz has demonstrated exceptional skill and consistency. Beyond his playing achievements, Holz has engaged in entrepreneurial ventures related to poker and gaming.

Who is David Williams on Game of Gold?

David Williams, born in 1980 in Texas, USA, is a versatile poker player known for his success in both tournaments and cash games. Williams initially gained fame as the runner-up in the 2004 WSOP Main Event. His analytical approach and adaptability have led to a successful and enduring career, making him a respected figure in the poker community.

Who is Lukas Robinson on Game of Gold?

Lukas Robinson, an emerging talent in the poker world, has demonstrated a keen understanding of the game and a propensity for strategic play. As he continues to make a name for himself in various tournaments, Robinson’s dedication to refining his skills suggests a promising future in the competitive poker landscape.

Who is Olga Iermolcheva on Game of Gold?

Olga Iermolcheva, a Ukrainian poker player, has steadily gained recognition for her impressive performances in tournaments. Her strategic prowess and ability to navigate through competitive fields have marked her as a rising star in the poker community. Iermolcheva’s achievements highlight her potential for continued success on the international poker stage.

Who is Nikita Luther on Game of Gold?

Nikita Luther, hailing from India, has made significant contributions to the growth of poker in her country. Luther, with her strong tournament results, including winning a WSOP gold bracelet in a team event, has become a trailblazer for aspiring Indian poker players. Her success underscores the global and diverse nature of the poker community.

Who is Kevin Martin on Game of Gold?

Kevin Martin, a Canadian professional poker player, poker streamer and reality TV star. Known for his engaging personality and strategic insights, Martin has built a strong online presence. His contributions to both the poker and gaming communities make him a notable figure in the evolving landscape of digital entertainment.

Who is Andy 'Stacks’ Tsai on Game of Gold?

Andy 'Stacks’ Tsai, a poker player and content creator, has gained popularity through his engaging approach to poker content. With a focus on sharing insights, strategy, and entertaining moments from his poker journey, Tsai has garnered a dedicated following.

Who is Yohan 'YoH ViraL’ Guilbert on Game of Gold?

Yohan 'YoH ViraL’ Guilbert, a French professional poker player, has made a name for himself in the online poker scene. Known for his expertise in high-stakes cash games, Guilbert’s analytical skills and strategic mindset have contributed to his success. As an ambassador for the game, he continues to inspire and connect with the poker community.

Who is Michael Soyz on Game of Gold?

Michael Soyz, a professional poker player known for his online success, has earned recognition for his skillful play and consistent results. With a focus on both tournaments and cash games, Soyz has showcased versatility and adaptability.

Who is Kyna England on Game of Gold?

Kyna England, is a US poker player, who has been making strides in the tournament circuit. She was named the 2021 Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Player of the Year. With a strategic approach and a commitment to continuous improvement, England’s journey reflects her passion for poker and the challenges of competing at a high level.

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