WPT Global Teases Mystery Bounty Poker WPT Global Teases Mystery Bounty Poker

One of the tournament features that we will release this year will be no surprise to anybody because it’s a very, very popular tournament format. Online poker newcomer WPT Global looks set to introduce Mystery Bounty Poker tournaments this year, if recent comments by the company’s President can be taken at face value.

WPT Global is the most recent addition to the international online poker market, but it is also one of the most exciting sites for online poker in 2024 — with its large Asian player pool, unique approach to ecology management, and open dialog with the poker community.

Through its partnership with WPT, one of the world’s most prestigious poker tours, WPT Global has been able to offer many features that others can’t — including direct satellites to the biggest WPT events all over the world, including the WPT World Championship and WPT Voyage.

However, WPT Global is also looking to compete with other operators through traditional venues, and the addition of the most up-to-date tournament formats is one of them. In a recent interview done with pokerfuse, WPT Global President Alex Scott hinted at the introduction of mystery bounty tournaments soon.

Scott also hinted at several other changes, including those that relate to the software, game ecology, and promotions, all aimed at providing all types of poker players with the best possible gameplay experience at WPT Global.

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Mystery Bounty Coming to WPT Global Soon?

Talking about the upcoming changes at WPT Global, Scott hinted at introducing mystery bounty games, saying: “We’ve got some really interesting cash game features coming. Some of them are things that have been successful elsewhere, and some of them are completely new to online poker that nobody’s ever done before.”

“Same with tournaments,” he added. “It’ll be no surprise. One of the tournament features that we will release this year will be no surprise to anybody because it’s a very, very popular tournament format.”

In response to podcast host Michael Gentile’s light prodding of “mystery bounty, mystery bounty,” Scott responded, “It will remain a mystery.” The veil looks thin on this one!

Besides this, Scott also hinted at several other changes, saying: “Then some of the other stuff we do in tournaments this year will take people by surprise, will be something that people haven’t experienced before. That’s the software development side.”

What exactly these changes will include remains to be seen, but it is clear that WPT Global is looking to introduce as many novelties as possible to make the platform stand out and compete with the bigger and longer-standing brands in the online poker space.

What Are Mystery Bounty Tournaments?

In case you are not familiar with the format, mystery bounty tournaments offer a unique twist on the classic knockout tournament format.

As with other knockouts, you are paid a fixed amount every time you eliminate a player, though in MBTs these bounties only trigger once you’re in the money. But the real twist: when you eliminate a player, you don’t get a fixed cash prize; instead you pick an envelope with an unknown prize in it. The range of mystery bounties hidden in these envelopes is usually wide, ranging from a single buy-in to hundreds of buy-ins in some of the biggest tournaments online.

This new format adds a certain degree of gamble to the equation, but it also makes things exciting and allows players to potentially win life-changing money even without winning the tournament.

Mystery bounty tournaments have exploded over the last couple of years, and most major online poker operators have already introduced them — which means it is high time we see them at WPT Global as well.

What Else to Expect from WPT Global in 2024

WPT Global has been on a path to capture a greater portion of the market for some time, introducing novel concepts that a broad section of players.

Among other things, the operator is looking to give away a record amount of player prizes this year, with promotions available across all game types and stakes. Whether you are a tournament or a cash game player, there will be plenty of promotions at WPT Global that no other operator can match.

What’s even more, WPT Global continues to send record numbers of players to major WPT 2024 stops around the world, and will look to do something special for the WPT World Championship in December this year.

Apart from all the promotion, WPT Global will introduce plenty of improvements to its software, and dealing with how to provide players with the best possible poker experience — for both recreational or professional poker players alike.