Join WPT Global Discord AMAs & Win Free Tournament Tickets Join WPT Global Discord AMAs & Win Free Tournament Tickets

In recent months, WPT Global has been on a campaign of giving back to its players through numerous promotions, including two months of rake-free tournament action on the site. But while these big promos are usually the ones that capture the attention of the poker public, the operator is doing many smaller and quite exciting things with the same goal in mind.

One of these things is the operator’s weekly Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) conversations with brand ambassadors. These give you an opportunity to ask any questions that come to your mind and also have a shot at winning a $10 tournament ticket while at it.

Every week, WPT Global selects ten of the most interesting questions from the bunch and rewards players behind them with free tickets. There is no barrier to entry, as you just need to have a WPT Global app account and be a member of the operator’s Discord server, which is open to everyone.

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Pick Your Favorite Players’ Brains

WPT Global’s AMAs usually take place on the weekends and are announced a few days ahead of time, so you’ll have plenty of time to prepare your questions and have them ready once things kick off.

Every week, there is a new player in the mix. So far, Discord AMAs featured the likes of Brad Owen, Rampage, and Xuan Liu, and they all took plenty of time to try and answer all the questions thrown at them.

If you fancy yourself a poker fan, this is a great way to pick these players’ brains about things you always wanted to know about their lives but you can’t find the information out there. Of course, you need to keep it civilized and moderate but feel free to ask any reasonable questions.

On top of great fun that these AMAs provide as you get to read answers to questions posed by other participants, there is also a nice reward added to the mix. As mentioned, top ten questions are selected every week and awarded a $10 tournament ticket as a thank you for your involvement and creativity.

Once again, you just need to sign up with WPT Global and join their Discord, and you’ll be all set. Follow the Announcements and Contests and Giveaways channels to find out when the next AMA will take place and get your questions ready.

Claim Your Share of the Extra Value

There is so much extra value to be had at WPT Global that you might be missing out on. These Discord AMA sessions are just one example of a fun and valuable promotion that many people aren’t even aware is happening.

With the operator’s Warm Up Festival running right now and the Spring Poker Festival on the horizon, we expect plenty of free and easy-to-get tickets to be floating around, and you definitely want to be around for it.

What you can do to ensure you’re not missing out is join the WPT Global Discord server, follow them on social media (especially Twitter), and log into your account frequently, as you might be pleasantly surprised by some nice gifts in the form of tournament tickets and free spins that the operator just drops on you every now and again.

If you like free stuff and big discounts, WPT Global is the place to be, so sign up today and stop missing out on all these great opportunities!