Further Skin Separation on Revolution Network
Key Takeaways
  • All games at NL100 and up understood to be segregated on Intertops.
  • PLO games also thought to be separate at some stakes.
  • Late last week Intertops began auditing all winnings from cash and SNG games due to high incidence of chip-dumping.

Changes on the troubled Revolution Network have further separated the player pool, with all games at NL100 and above on Intertops now separated from the rest of the network, players report.

Their player base, which once shared tables with Lock Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker, are now entiely separate, according to reports from players and a subsequent report on ProfessionalRakeback.com.

A Lock representative today confirmed further tweaks have been made to the segregation system on the network, though no specifics were shared.

At one time Revolution implemented a system called Fair Play Technology, which segregated players by experience and past results. It is understood that this system has ended, though the “fair play” name lives on, describing the separation of the player pool among skins.

Late last week, Intertops implemented the unprecedented step of auditing all winnings from cash tables and SNGs in a bid to curb chip-dumping.

Intertops, which operates its own payment processing, holds one of the highest ratings for cashouts to US players, whereas Revolution and Juicy Stakes cashouts are rated with D- and F grades, respectively.

Players stuck with funds on slow-cashouts skins may be tempted to chip-dump to skins like Intertops, where withdrawals are more reliable. Separating the player pools of course prevents such activity.