iPoker Clarifies Details of its Segregation Policy

The iPoker network has released additional details of how its new segregation policy will affect its players.

As a result of its network policy change announced last month, iPoker skins will be subject to the ring-fencing of their players if they fail to meet predetermined performance criteria outlined by the network. However, additional details have emerged that indicate only a partial segregation of players will occur for the offending operators.

Roei Gavish, Head of Poker at Playtech, confirmed to pokerfuse that the segregation will only take place on No Limit cash tables up to $2/$4 and some sit-and-go (SNG) tournaments. The network’s entire player pool will remain intact for multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

These parameters bring the division of iPoker’s player pool into line with the segregation on Ongame, where certain sportsbook skins have some exclusive cash game tables from 2c/4c up to $2/$4.

Those iPoker skins that will have their players fenced off from the network’s main liquidity pool will be determined by a network scoring metric. The scoring system’s “sole aim and purpose” is “maximizing end user experience,” with a focus on two key indicators:

(i) LTE – extend players’ life time expectancy on the network, as well as extend the deposit over spend period for players.
(ii) Drain – Balance the “drain‟ volume amongst network’s card rooms.

The collection of data used in the scoring system began on July 1. The sanctions against those skins that fail to meet their quotas are scheduled to begin on September 1.