PokerStars to Introduce Big "O," Courchevel Poker Variants PokerStars to Introduce Big "O," Courchevel Poker Variants
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Key Takeaways
  • Five Card Omaha, previously seen online at Entraction, deals plays five cards before the flop.
  • Variant Courchevel deals the first flop card before the first betting round.
  • Both to debut in High and Hi/Lo formats, PL and FL, from microstakes to nosebleed 6-max tables.
  • Will be spread on all PokerStars networks, including regulated markets.

PokerStars will start dealing 5-Card Omaha, more commonly known as Big “O,” and variant Courchevel across its online poker products this week.

Both games will be spread in regular and Hi/Lo split as pot limit from 10c/25c up to $200/$400, on 6-max tables.

There will also be fixed-limit hi/lo games dealt from $1/2 to $1000/$2000.

Big “O” has the same rules as Omaha, but the player is dealt five cards preflop. The same requirement of playing two from the hand and three from the board to make the best five card hand applies.

Courchevel plays the same as Big “O,” with the exception that the first card of the flop is dealt before the “preflop” betting round.

According to the press release, the game will roll out over the next two days to all PokerStars players, including all segregated markets.

Big “O” was previously dealt exclusively online at the Entraction network before it closed its doors in late 2012. It is thought to be the first time Courchevel has been dealt online.

The announcement today comes a week after sister site Full Tilt Poker announced the introduction of two new variants—Irish Poker and 5-Card Stud.

It is the first new poker game in the PokerStars client since the introduction of Badugi in 2008.