The latest software updates for PokerStars and Full Tilt have added the necessary transfer facility to allow players in France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark and Estonia to access their funds on Full Tilt.

Players in these countries will not be allowed to play on the new Full Tilt, as it does not have the relevant national licenses. However, agreements with national regulators have allowed for a system allowing players to transfer their Full Tilt balances to their accounts at PokerStars.

Once their funds are on the appropriate PokerStars site, players will be able to cash out or play using those funds.

The pairing process is relatively straightforward: first players will need a PokerStars account on their nationally regulated version of PokerStars—such PokerStars.ES or PokerStars.FR—have the latest FTP software, and be logged in to both clients.

A new option under the Account menu in the PokerStars client starts the pairing process: A 14 digit number needs to be copied to the clipboard. This is then entered into a similar menu option on the FTP client. Funds will then be immediately available in your PokerStars account.

Players in Italy will use the same process, but a final agreement with Italian regulator AAMS has not yet been reached. PokerStars anticipates that an agreement will be in place shortly after Full Tilt launches.

The account pairing process is not yet available to those players allowed to play on the new Full Tilt, although the service will be activated for the launch on November 6. This will allow players to move money between the two sites instantly.

US players will not be able to use this service and will have to wait for the DOJ managed distribution which has still not been finalized.

Hat tip to pokerfuse commenter Toktor Ranka for the heads-up that the process is now available.