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Ontario’s regulated online poker market has the largest player pool of any regulated North American jurisdiction, with a provincial population of nearly 15 million — about 2 million more than Pennsylvania and about 5 million more than Great Lakes neighbor Michigan.

Regulated online poker in Ontario officially went live on April 4, 2022, with 888poker Ontario becoming the first licensed site to open its virtual doors.

888poker ontario
Last verified: Aug 2022
888poker is open in Ontario!
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  • Exciting BLAST Poker tournaments
  • MTT series with big guarantees

The Ontario online poker market is ever-changing, with four operators online thus far, but more are in the wings with launches pending and awaiting final licensure. Some of the biggest names in the industry have set up shop in Ontario, and in this Guide to Online Poker in Ontario, we will try to give you all the information you need to know about the market’s current state and who is in it.

Currently, players looking to play online poker in Ontario on licensed sites can do so on 888poker Ontario, PokerStars Ontario, BetMGM Poker Ontario, partypoker Ontario, or bwin Ontario — the latter three make up the BetMGM Ontario Network, sharing liquidity across the three skins.

Other significant sites, including GGPoker, continue to cater to Canadian players on the grey market via their global licenses while waiting for the licensing process to complete.

This is a market in flux and changes happen almost daily, so be sure to check back often for all the significant developments as we continue to cover all things Ontario online poker on pokerfuse.

Ontario Online Poker: Key Facts

Ontario’s Online Gambling Regulators

At first glance, regulation in Ontario seems a bit confusing, with two agencies prominently mentioned. The main regulatory body for gambling in Ontario is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Still, there is also iGaming Ontario (iGO), a subsidiary of the AGCO that manages the private entities regulated in the Ontario iGaming market.

One key point for Ontario is that the iGO is restricted to “conducting and managing” the online gaming of private entities in the market. The existing, government-controlled Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) does not fall under the watch of iGO, though OLG does not have a poker component.

Operators Spreading Real Money Poker in Ontario

This market is in flux, but two networks and four poker rooms are currently dealing with real money online poker in a regulated environment. First, we have 888poker Ontario — the first Ontario poker site to go live — and then we have the three sites that comprise the BetMGM Ontario NetworkBetMGM Poker Ontario, partypoker Ontario, and bwin Ontario. Then lastly, we have PokerStars Ontario, the latecomer of the group, finally launching at the very end of June. All five have online poker apps and software available for download and offer an evolving schedule.

A few big names are also planning to enter the online poker game in Ontario. Among the operators that have launched or have plans to launch are:

betmgm poker ontario
Last verified: Aug 2022
PokerStars is open in Ontario!
  • Excellent tournament schedule
  • The best variety of game types
  • Top-quality desktop software & mobile apps

Ontario’s Segregated Player Pool

The regulations in Ontario specify that all play be restricted to players within the province and, for poker operators, that means a segregated player pool. Operators will need to deploy products that serve only the Ontario market. Still, there is a grace period in regulations for licensed operators that have begun the licensing process but are not ready for launch.

Rather than forcing those operators to cease operations in Ontario pending the launch of their market-specific offerings — which would have created a blackout period and potentially pushed more customers to risky offshore sites — the regulators decreed that operators could continue letting Ontario players play in their global markets, so long as they had begun the licensing process and were actively working towards a launch of their licensed and regulated Ontario poker rooms. However, they are expected to transition to a ring-fenced Ontario player pool as quickly as possible.

It is possible this could all change in the future. The Ontario regulators have considered “inter-jurisdictional compacts”. Canada already has such a compact, allowing players in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Québec to play against each other via IGT software.

While the commercial component of Ontario makes it unlikely it will join that compact in its current form — and the other three provinces do not have any commercial operators — it shows that there is potentially an inclination to share liquidity across Canada.

betmgm poker ontario
Last verified: Aug 2022
BetMGM Poker is open in Ontario!
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Ontario Online Poker Operators

There are four active operators in the regulated Ontario online poker market, with several more operators working towards launching their Ontario-specific offerings.

Here is a quick look at the current market.

Ontario Poker at a Glance

Operator AGCO License? iGO Authorized? Launch Date
888poker Yes Yes Launched on April 4
BetMGM/partypoker/bwin Yes Yes BetMGM Launched April 5; partypoker & bwin launched April 12
PokerStars Yes Yes Launched June 28
Bet365 Yes Yes Launched on April 4 without poker
GGPoker/WSOP Yes No Has delayed its launch

888poker Ontario

888poker Ontario was the first licensed operator to go live and start dealing with real money online poker in the newly regulated Ontario market. It was also the first and only operator to launch all three verticals on day one. 888 expects to build on an already strong presence in Canada by being one of the first Ontario-specific poker rooms.

888poker Ontario online poker tournament lobby888poker Ontario got off the ground immediately with a full-service application offering a full selection of popular 888poker formats. The interface will be familiar to people moving over from the 888poker global client. 888 kicked things off in full 888 style, running daily MTTs with ambitious guarantees from day one, which led to a lot of players enjoying a lot of value thanks to huge overlays.

888 also boasts of being the only operator with a local Ontarian as a brand ambassador. Ontario-based streamer Adam “iamEklo” Tocholke was one of the founding members of the 888poker StreamTeam. He had already been streaming live from the newly launched 888 Ontario poker room on his Twitch channel.

Download the 888poker app or head to our comprehensive 888poker Review to learn about all the features 888poker Ontario has to offer»

The formats available at 888poker Ontario are:

  • Blast
  • SNAP
  • Cash Games
  • Freerolls
  • Tournaments

BetMGM Poker / partypoker / bwin Ontario

BetMGM Poker Ontario, powered by partypoker software, is also live with a full suite of popular game types. Ontario players who played on partypoker’s global client will see a familiar interface at BetMGM Poker Ontario.

BetMGM Ontario online poker tournament lobbypartypoker and bwin both launched their skins in Ontario on April 12, offering the same interface and games as BetMGM Poker Ontario, but with partypoker and bwin branding. Similar to their shared network in New Jersey, partypoker, bwin, and BetMGM all share a player pool, creating the first online poker network in Ontario.

BetMGM has also come out of the gates with an impressive-looking schedule of tournaments in Ontario. It promises the Daily C-Note every night a $109 buy-in tournament starting at 7:05 pm local time. There will also be a High Roller tournament every Tuesday and Thursday, beginning simultaneously with a $530 buy-in.

BetMGM Ontario online poker tournament lobbyIts Super Sunday tournament schedule looks solid, with 12 tournaments kicking off at five past the hour, from 3:05 pm to 8:05 pm, including PKOs, a $55 Sunday Masters, and a $530 High Roller. However, at the time of writing, none of BetMGM’s MTTs have run. It could be that it’s waiting for partypoker to join the party and pool players before kicking things off.

Ontario players on BetMGM / partypoker / bwin have access to:

  • Cash Games
  • Fast Forward
  • Freerolls
  • Sit & Go’s
  • Spins
  • Tournaments

Download the BetMGM Poker Ontario app, partypoker Ontario app and junp into the action or learn more about these rooms from our experts in our partypoker Ontario review and BetMGM Ontario Review »

PokerStars Ontario

PokerStars launched its Ontario-exclusive poker room on June 28, nearly three months after the first Ontario online poker rooms went live.

Having waited until the right moment, PokerStars Ontario is finally live, offering its top-notch desktop software and mobile apps, which give it a very powerful starting position.

If there is one thing that PokerStars is known for, it is their impressive daily and weekly tournament schedule, and this is true in every market they operate in.

Right out of the gate, PokerStars has announced plans for the Ontario Championship of Online Poker (ONCOOP), continuing the tradition of hosting online championship events in every market it operates in.

The details about the series are still scarce, but PokerStars Ontario has stated that the goal for the overall prize pool is $2,000,000, so tournament players have a lot to look forward to.

One of the other big upsides of PokerStars is that they offer tournaments in poker games other than No-Limit Hold’em, with a variety of Omaha, Stud, 8-Game, and other tournaments also on the schedule.

WSOP / GGPoker Ontario is planning to make its first move outside the US, partnering with global poker powerhouse GGPoker. The Ontario product has not yet been released, but, in the meantime, Ontario players continue to play in GGPoker’s global pool.

WSOP Ontario will be powered by the GGPoker platform, which is the first time the company has partnered up with an operator other than 888 to take care of the software for its online platform.

The room will go live under the domain, indicating that GGPoker has no plans to apply for a license and will instead go all-in with the WSOP brand in Canada and, potentially, in the whole North American market down the line.

bet365 Ontario

While bet365 has both of the required licenses and was one of the first operators out of the gate, deploying its casino and sportsbook operations when the market went live, the operator did not launch a poker client in its first offerings.

Comparison of Active Online Poker Rooms in Ontario

Feature BetMGM/partypoker 888poker
Cash NL10 to NL2500 NL2 to NL5000PL2 to PL500
Fast-Fold NL 10 to NL 200 NL2 to NL25 PL2 and PL10
SNG $1 to $100 Hypers, 6-max and Heads-Up None
Lottery SNGs $1, $5, $10 (no Ultra) 10c, $1, $5, $10, $20
MTTs Minimal MTT schedule deployed Full guaranteed MTT schedule
888poker ontario
Last verified: Aug 2022
888poker is open in Ontario!
  • Top quality software for desktop & mobile
  • Exciting BLAST Poker tournaments
  • MTT series with big guarantees

Shared Liquidity

The elephant in the province of Ontario’s private regulation scheme is shared liquidity. As a result of provincial regulation of gambling in Canada, only the Ontario local government can regulate gambling for Ontarians, and it can only regulate for Ontarians.

The Ring-Fenced Ontario Poker Market

As a result of such regulation, the Ontario internet gaming regime was deployed as a geofenced jurisdiction, where operators are expected to restrict their users to people physically located within Ontario’s borders. While some licensed operators still deal poker to Ontarians through their global player pools, that is a time-limited accommodation for operators actively working on a discrete Ontario-only version.

As geofenced markets in North America go, Ontario is very attractive. With almost 15 million people, Ontario is the largest single regulated jurisdiction in North America, capping the previous king-of-the-hill Pennsylvania with about 13 million residents.

That means, even without shared liquidity, Ontario is still an attractive market in the context of North American regulated jurisdictions. However, online poker is particularly sensitive to the player pool’s size, compared to casino gaming or sports betting activities, so online poker operators in Ontario will almost certainly be looking to expand that pool through inter-jurisdictional compacts if regulations allow.

betmgm poker ontario
Last verified: Aug 2022
PokerStars is open in Ontario!
  • Excellent tournament schedule
  • The best variety of game types
  • Top-quality desktop software & mobile apps

Shared Liquidity in Canada

For the time being, shared liquidity in Canada is not part of the plan. However, it is not outside the realms of possibility. A couple of similar pacts have already been formed in North America, with the MSIGA creating a multi-state player pool between NJ, NV, DE, and MI that already takes advantage of. With the recent addition of Ontario’s neighbor Michigan to the MSIGA, that makes a stronger case for other jurisdictions to also look towards shared liquidity.

Additionally, Canada has its shared player pool between British Columbia, Manitoba, and Québec, creating a market of around 14.7 million people — slightly smaller than Ontario on its own. Ontario regulators have considered “inter-jurisdictional compacts”, but it seems unlikely it would join the existing Canadian compact as there are fundamental differences between the markets.

Province Population Site Online Poker?
Ontario 14.6 million OLG No
British Columbia 5.1 million Yes
Manitoba 1.4 million Yes
Loto Québec 8.5 million Yes

The existing BC/MB/QC Canadian online poker compact serves players via government-controlled gaming monopolies in the three provinces, and none of them have any penetration by private entities. In Ontario, the existence of private companies in the market means it would not be an easy fit into a compact with no private competition.

At present, Ontario is the only province with a commercial component to its regulatory scheme, so it is a bit of an outlier on the Canadian scene. However, at least a few other provinces, such as Alberta, will be watching the Ontario experiment closely and could undoubtedly follow suit and introduce a commercial component. Should that happen, it would be a natural fit for extending the player pool outside Ontario.

While it is unlikely that the existing compact serving BC, MB, and QC through PlayNow and lottoQuébec will be open to commercial interests anytime soon, there is at least some hope of a path towards a shared player pool with commercial components in the Canadian online poker scene.

Last verified: Aug 2022
partypoker is live in Ontario
partypoker is open in Ontario!
  • Trusted brand now fully licensed in Ontario, Canada
  • Modern & versatile desktop platform
  • Top quality mobile apps


Has there been opposition to the new regulatory scheme?

There has been some opposition to the Ontario regulation plan since it was announced. In particular, some Indigenous nations in Ontario saw the move infringing on their rights to control their territory and self-govern. Shawanaga First Nation and the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation have expressed concerns about Indigenous self-government and the responsibility of Canadian governments to “consult and accommodate” First Nations impacted by government decisions.

Ontario’s Auditor General also pointed to some possible issues with the new regulations. In her analysis of the new rules in 2021, AG Bonnie Lysyk pointed to potential legal risks related to delegation of duties, conflict of interest, and game integrity.

Additionally, some land-based casino operations, such as Great Canadian Gaming (GCG) have expressed concern over revenue loss from the new plans. While there is general support for the idea of the regulations, GCG said “serious issues” surrounded its revenue with competition from online commercial entities.

None of the opposition has prevented the new regulations from moving forward. However, it is still entirely possible that legal action may be taken in the future to challenge the new system from a number of angles.

What is the state of the Ontario regulated market?

The new era of commercial operators in the Ontario real money online poker market is now in place, with two operators already serving real money online poker under the new regulated model. Several more are waiting in the wings with Ontario poker platforms in development. However, in some cases, those operators continue to deal poker to Ontario players through their global player pools until the local client is completed.

Will unregulated companies exit the market?

It is unlikely that unregulated sites will stop serving Ontario players. While enforcement is generally a crucial part of the regulation, in Canada, it is unconstitutional for ISPs to block access to URLs on the internet, including unlicensed gaming sites.

This ties back to a 2016 case where Québec tried to require ISPs to block access to unregulated sites to promote its regulated offerings through lottoQuébec. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), which regulates media access in Canada, found it violated the neutrality requirements of the federal Telecommunications Act.

That means there is essentially no way for Ontario to prevent unlicensed operators from continuing to operate in the province, so operators like Bovada (aka Bodog) or WPN (aka Americas Cardroom), who serve unregulated markets already, will continue to do so in the new era.

What are the advantages of applying for an Ontario iGaming license?

Considering that there are limited abilities to control unlicensed operators and getting a license commits the operator to serve a geo-locked player pool, there is an open question about why operators would launch a regulated online poker room in Ontario. While companies could, in theory, keep dealing poker to Ontario players without applying for a license, public-facing companies will be thinking twice about it.

One key advantage is marketing and advertising. Unlicensed operators serving poker in the grey market won’t be able to advertise their products to Ontario customers, and licensed operators will be able to cut sponsorship deals with local teams or entities and ambassadors.

Additionally, joining the regulated online poker market in Ontario will greatly help operators trying to get their mobile clients into the official Apple and Google Play app stores. Equally, in the current environment of corporate responsibility, there is a business imperative for public companies to seek the appropriate licensing in the markets in which they operate.

Furthermore, being a licensed, regulated site means certain protections are in place for operators and players. Should problems arise, they have a regulator that can assist. And players can play with peace of mind, knowing that the licensed site is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Ontario’s new regulated online poker market is the largest in North America, so all the major players are interested in it. The big names in the online poker game will all be doing their best to ensure they have all the access they can get to that market, so they will all be keen to get in with a fully licensed product, even if that means some short-term adverse effects.

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