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103. Sky Matsuhashi - Comparing Our Coaching Styles

Pete Clarke and poker coach and author Sky Matsuhashi have very different approaches to coaching poker but do they have more in common than you'd think?

102. Runchuks Poker on How Poker Skills Apply to Life

Legendary poker podcaster, coach and high-stakes PLO player Runchuks Poker discusses the skills he's learned that are transferrable between poker and other parts of life.

101. Weazel on What Makes a Good Poker Course

Cash game streamer and long-term poker professional Weazel comes onto the show to give his views on what makes good poker education in the modern day.

100. Nick Eastwood on Streaming the Micro-Stakes.

Up and coming poker YouTuber and streamer Nick Eastwood shares his insights on how to create content for micro-stakes poker players before diving into some analysis of a wild hand he played at 16NL ZOOM.

99. High Stakes Cash Hand Reviews with Samy Baem

Poker Scientist creator and 200 Zoom Grinder Samy Baem comes on the show to talk high stakes cash hands with Pete. Hands come from the Triton Poker Cash Game where elite players like LlinusLlove and TrueTeller battle old school warriors like Tony G.

98. Henry Lister on GTO vs Exploitative

Run it Once pro and high stakes poker player Henry Lister shares his thoughts on how GTO and exploitative play are related before going into how poker has made him the best version of himself.

97. Gazzy B on Climbing the ZOOM Ladder.

Renowned cash game streamer Gazzy B talks about his experiences climbing the stakes and what he learned along the way.

96. Backgammon Guy Talks Poker, Philosophy, and Relationships.

Beloved recurrent guest and high-stakes player Backgammon Guy aka Tuvya Felt returns fresh from crushing the 25/50 PLO scene. Find out why 2020 was the best year of his career and life.

95. GingePoker on How to Make it in 2021

Legendary 500 ZOOM streamer GingePoker shares his insights on what it takes to succeed in the modern climate and recounts some high-stakes Macau cash game stories for you entertainment.

94. Poker Peeves FT. Marle Cordeiro

Poker comedian and Vegas 5/10 regular Marle Cordeiro joins Pete for some healthy ranting about pet peeves at the poker table as well as discussion about Marle's poker playing and video creating careers.

94. A Poker Therapy Session FT. My Student WIll

Pete and his student, Will, tackle the big mental game roadblock that has been holding back Will's poker progress.

92. What it Takes to Get Better at Poker. FT. Andreas Frohli.

Are poker courses worth it? What's the best way to learn? Do you need solvers to study? Pete and fellow Run it Once coach - Andreas Frohli discuss the dos and don'ts of improving your game.

91. Poker, Chess, and Life. FT. PLO Expert Cory Mikesell.

Pete interviews high stakes PLO pro and chess master Cory Mikesell on how to become the best version of yourself in order to succeed at the highest level.

90. The Pro Tourney Grind. FT. Coach Owen Shiels.

Pete welcomes fellow runitonce coach Owen Shiels onto the show to talk about the challenges of playing online tournaments for a living. Discussion involves coping with massive variance; balancing the tourney grind with family life; coaching weaker players; and being humble enough to get coached by stronger ones.

89. I Get Interrogated. FT. Hunter.

In this Episode, Pete's long-term student interviews him about his career choices, weaknesses as a poker player, and more.

88. Politics at the Poker Table??? FEAT. Jake

Is it acceptable to talk politics at the poker table? Let's ask a 5/10 live pro who does it whenever he can.

87. On Negreanu vs. Polk. FT. Shaun

2,000 hands into the high stakes heads-up match, Pete and his student Shaun discuss both the strategic and practical aspects of the battle thus far.

86. Catching up with the Backgammon Guy

Pete interviews former backgammon pro turned poker pro, Tuvya, about his journey rising to the top of the live 2/5 Vegas world while battling bipolar disorder and marrying PIO Solver.

85. Introducing Team Coaching

Pete teams up with his associate coaches Simon and Akshar to talk about the brand new specialised coaching service the three of them have launched.

84. BOOK LAUNCH: Poker Therapy. FT. Simon

Poker Therapy is now available! Pete and long serving student Simon discuss the new book as well as the steps Simon has taken recently in his own mental game.

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