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#50 Carlos Welch: Following His Bliss While Living in a Used Prius

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This is your host Brad Wilson, the founder of EnhanceYourEdge .com and today’s guest is a man who has never been shy about following his bliss, Carlos Welch.Carlos is an MTT grinder and poker coach who exemplifies the phrase, “Dance to the beat of your own drummer.”In our conversation you’re going to hear all about Carlos’s journey from being a high school math teacher who had “all the things you’re supposed to have” (House, car, job, relationship) to traveling around the country and living a life that’s true to himself, which means playing cards and living out of his Prius.Carlos is going to tell you why he decided to become a Jamaican citizen and why playing in Jamaican SNG’s lead to some unexpected dings in his expected ROI.You’re also going to learn:The awesome reasons why living in his van is Carlos’ idea of freedom.The most peaceful place Carlos has ever slept in his life (HINT, you will never guess it in a thousand years).Why Carlos’s first trip to a real live casino blew his mind.And much, MUCH more!One final thing before we jump into the show.When I initially reached out to Carlos about coming on, he responded by quipping “I’d love to come on but it’s more like Chasing Poker Mediocrity”. Which is clever and made me laugh, but it brings up an important point:Your idea of greatness in poker and all areas of your life are singularly yours and it’s of the utmost importance that you stay true to them. I mention this because #1 you’re important to me. I take the success or failure of your journey personally and I have witnessed the suffering and anguish caused by the pursuit of outsized, unrealistic, and sometimes flat out delusional goals too often in my poker career to not give my opinion and try to save you from some of that pain.With that in mind, I hope you continue staying true to yourself and when you reach your own versions of greatness, my wish is that it brings you an endless supply of happiness and fulfillment.So, without any further ado, I bring to you the amazing, incredible, one-of-a-kind Carlos Welch.
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Air Date (2 years, 11 months ago)

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