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#54 Anton Wigg: $11+ Million in Online & Live MTT Cashes

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Today’s guest is Swedish poker BEAST Anton Wigg.At just 33 years of age, Anton has managed to rack up $10.8 million in combined online and live MTT cashes.Some of his career highlights include:- A $672k EPT main event victory in Copenhagen in 2010.- Victories in the Sunday Milly and Sunday 500 on Stars.- And recently vanquishing past Chasing Poker Greatness guest Ari Engel at LAPC back in the good ole days of February when live poker was still a thing.I very much loved my conversation with Anton as he dropped greatness bombs all over the place. He’s a dude who exemplifies strength and leadership on and off the tables. A man who pushes his friends to be the best possible version of themselves which, in my opinion, is what friendship is all about.In our conversation, you’re going to learn:- Why Anton believes it’s vitally important to compartmentalize his “poker emotions”.- Why being a leader in the poker space means being honest about the mistakes you make at the table.- Why adding more complexity to your poker game is not necessarily a good thing.And much, much more.So, without any further ado, I bring to you the world-class Anton Wigg.
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Air Date (3 years, 1 month ago)