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#85 Merv Harvey: How an Amateur Began Interviewing the Biggest Names in Poker

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Today’s guest on the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast is one half of the Postflop Poker podcast hosting duo Merv Harvey.Merv's an amateur poker player who has now interviewed a who's who of poker players & personalities, including: Tommy Angelo, Alec Torelli, Dara O' Kearney, Sarah Herring, and many more.I'll leave it for you to learn in the following episode just how Merv got his gig but it's an extremely powerful lesson about taking your shot. Merv's just a genuinely great dude who LOVES the game of poker and is super easy to talk to. When you hear folks talk about the "good guys of poker" what they're really describing are the folks like Merv.Today you're going to learn:- How Merv came about to host the Postflop Poker podcast.- How Merv got swept up in Australia's poker mania.- Why you've probably been going about poker study the wrong way and what you can do instead.- And much, MUCH more!So without any further ado I present to you the joyful and hilarious Merv Harvey.
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Air Date (1 year, 9 months ago)