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John Bush from TheLibertyBeat.com On DonkDown Radio

A very informative convo topped off by a spoken-word version of “I Am Dread Pirate Roberts” which was dropped on TheLibertyBeat.com & included above. John Bush was at “The Silk Road Trial” which recently found Ross Ulbricht guilty on all 7 counts, including the rare “kingpin” charge. Thanks very much to John for informing us […]

DonkDown Radio [Mooky Out Of Jail] + [Other Musings]

We do what we do. [email protected] I don't believe in free will myself. Sense of control is an illusion and all reality is a process of unfolding. — Reading Poker Tells (@apokerplayer) January 28, 2015 Well said. This show is simply the universe playing itself out. Think about that shit while you blaze and listen […]

DonkDown Radio Breaks Down Silk Road Case & Some Poker Musings

MikeT came in and saved the day with up to date information on this day 2 of the Ross Ulbricht / Silk Road trial. A few other humans called in to discuss pokers. I played some ytcracker. Today was a good day.

Prezobama & Micro from UPS Customer Service | DonkDown Radio

lolz indeed. “Micro” from UPS customer service was on the line to handle Prezobama’s unfortunate detaining of a package. As usual with DonkDown radio, we don’t like to leave loose ends and always want to get to the bottom of the situation. Please have a listen, I remember laughing a few times

DonkDown Radio “They Can’t All Be Winners”

They really can’t all be winners – but you remember that I always get out there and keep swinging. Forgot to nail down a guest and just poured a scotch and discussed some self-serving topics. It was raining outside, the only thing I could really think to do with the family today was to buy […]

Jeff Berwick on DonkDown Radio Again

Big internet hug to Jeff Berwick for coming on the show tonight. His new thing is Anarchapulco 2015 and it’s happening in a few months. Bitcoin, freedom, anti-government, and business workshops and whatnots. In addition to that, Jeff & I spoke for a lovely hour on all sorts of shit. Mostly on what is wrong […]

DonkDown Radio | Jordan Cristos | Kessler | Gank | Moar

Another fun-filled adventure through the mind of Micon as a myriad of guests join the show for ideological discussions about #OpKKK #OpFerguson bitcoin and poker things. This podcast is made in America, by Americans. Accept no substitute for DonkDown Radio. Play DFS at Draftkings. I do.

Everyone Comes On DonkDown Radio!

Stealthmunk calls in to digest the Mark Newhouse double-9th WSOP bustout hand, then all hell breaks loose as famous scammers and degens from SwC past and present call in and once again paint the picture of why you need to play very tight when it comes to internet security and sending random humans money over […]

Burnturn Brandon on DD Radio

Be prepared for the first 9 minutes of the ~1hr convo to be just me with Brandon’s responses dead air. Luckily, this problem is resolved ~9 minutes into that interview. Always professional, always courteous, DonkDown radio’s dedicated mac shit the bed with the always popular “spinning rainbow” so the show was abruptly ended in chaotic […]

Ali Havens on DonkDown Radio

I received word from the internet that there was a cute libertarian female named Ali Havens that recently moved from religious Alabama to Libertarian haven New Hampshire to support the Free State Project, so I had her on. A former Christian on somewhat of a freedom quest, we talked about religion and politics and bitcoins […]

Tone On DonkDown Radio

Tone came on the show. Interesting convo IMO, mostly bitcoin, also trading, Bear Sterns, Fiat trashing, and moar. I compare DPB to ISIS, and he has no defense, as he would stone the hot lesbians in the scene I set for him. I’m going to add in the word “Fappening” to this post, purely for […]

BraveTheWorld Julia Special Guest on DonkDown Radio

DonkDown radio will find you if you are a beautiful female anarchist-libertarian type. @BraveTheWorld on twitter, Julia came on the show tonight to tell us a bit about her views and travels. We of course touched on bankroll management and I remind my flock never to become a professional poker player. Standard bitcoin discussion ensues, […]

Libertarian Musings w/ Darryl W. Perry

DonkDown Radio, true to it’s free-form nature, hosted Darryl W. Perry, 2016 presidential candidate that won’t win. The discussion, however, I believe to be worthwhile. Darryl does too, as he highlighted the possibility of inspiring minds as one of the goals of his ill-fated political campaign. I of course pitched my multi-election-cycle millennial generation based […]

DonkDown Radio With Will Pangman & Michael W. Dean

A fun filled adventure as usual. Don’t really remember any of it. Seemed like it had it’s moments. All I can think about is the $2.2M GTD $27 multi-entry GPP on DraftKings. Going to make some lineups. Enjoy the show!

Cody Drummond from Peacekeeper.org [The App That Renders Police Obsolete] /sensationalism

Was cool to have on Cody, and the Peacekeeper app really got me thinking: In a nutshell, what if all of your neighbors had the same app on their phone (this could eventually become a protocol IMO) and when there was a fire you hit the “fire!” button and all your neighbors rush to your […]

Weev Came On DonkDown Radio | Andrew Auernheimer Announces He Left USA For Lebanon

Big thanks to Weev for coming on the show. @rabite on twitter (slave name Andrew Auernheimer) came on DonkDown radio from Beirut, Lebanon to announce he has left the United States. This comes after his appeal period expired for the bullshit AT&T charges he beat.

Joby Weeks & Objectivist Girl | DonkDown Radio

DonkDown radio was once again broadcast to the adoring public! Objectivist Girl came on and explained how they are hacking politics up in New Hampshire and trolling republicans. Also some no-touch polyamory. Want to have her back on to get into that more. In a rare double-dose of high quality guests, Joby Weeks was also […]

DonkDown Radio With Kristy Arnett & Moar

A fun-filled episode of DonkDown radio with Kristy Arnett. We started to get real about Choice Center but we were cut short for date night. I appreciate her coming on the show and hope to finish our discussion on a future DD Radio. Other fun was had, maybe not as much fun as last week […]

Multiple Newsweek Article Discussion + Bonus YTCracker, DPB, SpiteCheck & MrCuzamano

Once in a while good ‘ole Micon needs to set some things straight. IMO it was the general anger after viewing the sensationalist cover picture that lead to few in the poker world properly understanding which entities Leah was vilifying in her Sad-Face Online Poker Kid article that I drew all over after seeing for […]

DonkDown Radio BACK! W/Allen Kessler, Ray Davis, CryptoCayce, Menachum

It’s good to be back. The Wednesday “Cold Call Show” will once again continue each and every Wednesday unless of course I lose interest and then it won’t happen. But for now, it’s going to happen. And we’re giving away .4 bitcoin on SealsWithClubs every time it does. And you can call 702-LOL-DONK to talk […]

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Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton, And Mike Postle Also Forgive Those Who Questioned Their Integrity
Taking a cue from a recent Dan "Jungleman" Cates statement, Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton and Mike Postle have also decided to accept your apology. — read more »
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