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Jeff Berwick, The Most Interesting Man Alive

Yes DBP was on too, but even he demanded to be snapped off clean when he heard Jeff Berwick was trying to call in. Massive apologies for the technical fails and Hi-larious Micon-echo until the last 20 minutes when I figured out the setting. Listen to Jeff, he’s wonderful. I also think he may return […]

Derrick & Michael Discuss Meowbit, Namecoin, and How We Need .bit Incase ICANN Becomes Militarized

Great discussion about Meowbit, a Windows service that resolves .bit domain name [now all your browsers can find .bit websites, making namecoin more useful, although IMO far from primetime still] These guys know their shit and it was a very crypto-nerdy interesting discussion. These guys are coming back, as I’m going to have some questions […]

Tatiana Moroz & DPB (possible match made) Discuss Bitcoin, Altcoins, Cosmos, And Other Shit I Don’t Recall

I speak with the lovely and talented Tatiana Moroz about bitcoin and activism and things. DPB comes on and professes his love for Tatiana. Both are very sweet and I can tell love is brewing, but I will need to cure DPB of his creationism before I can get the two together. Standard Wednesday, IMO. […]

Micon’s Bitcoin Rants and Raves For Today. DPB Joins too.

The show was about 2 hours long but I honestly don’t remember any of it. Seemed like a B+ effort thinking back on it, but outside of DBP coming on the show I don’t really remember much else. Yup, can’t even sum it up. I rarely listen to a show after doing it, and I […]

A DonkDown Radio I Forgot To Post Last Week

I don’t have a boss. No one reminded me because this podcast isn’t the most popular. Well now that I look at it some of you reminded me. But you are not my fucking boss. I don’t work for the man. I am my own man, I work for me and my family. Really I […]

Apple Shits on Bitcoin & Gank Beats The Rap

Turns out Apple is shitting all over bitcoin. Not only does it not allow any bitcoin apps of any sort in the store, it has removed the app after having it sit there for 2 years and get downloaded 100k times before Apple knew what the fuck it was. Also Gank calls the show […]

Jesus Christ is My Nigga!

Today’s radio involves me having on DPB, MikeT, and Mooky briefly while constantly referencing this youtube: yup. Also Bet the superbowl with bitcoin at Bitbook.

Daniel Peter Barron the AltCryptoationalist & Other Musings

Lolz there are so many altcoins. There is even, which will just brand your own altcoin and ship you the clients and you are ready to mine away and change the world. CoinyeWest, RonPaulCoin, and a host of others have invaded the space. 71 cryptos listed on In short, the shark is mid-jump. […]

Keep in on my Voicemail, Voicemail…

Just your average show, take a little prescribed Valium for the airplane ride back from grammy and pops house, come home and rip a show. Menachum comes on and I zone out for a while and play SrslySirius. Solid effort IMO. Fire on Bitbook, the bitcoin sportsbook I use personally

Dogecoin, DPB Recants Alts, And A New Lifestyle From Portugal

Why are there 50+ altcoins? Because humans are a very odd group. Thinking about changing your whole perspective on shit? The group out of Portugal are trying to show the world a new way to live. Based on the country, not the city, as well as organic foods, I personally promise to track their […]

DPB, NLFF Nick, & Why Ripple Sucks

Today Daniel Peter Barron (DPB, no relation to DPR) made his return to DonkDown radio to discuss Namecoin. He refuses to budge on the 6.1k year old earth debate but he has used namecoins to actually register NMC-domains and the explanation deepened my personal understanding. NoLimiteFantasyFootball (NLFF) Nick comes on the show to help digest […]

Why Litecoin is not Bitcoin by Bryan Micon, YTCracker, & Gank

Everyone seems to be talkin’ hard about Litecoin right now, and I think it’s cramping Bitcoin’s style. This isn’t a “Get off my cryptocurrency’s lawn” type of argument, we get to the heart of Litecoin, and rip that motherfucker out while it’s still beating. YTCracker said I was full walla snackbar against Litecoin. Gank said […]

DD Radio: Adam Schoenfeld | SpiteCheck | NLFF Nick

“BITCOIN TO THE MOON!!!” Adam Schoenfeld is a very special guest, as he no longer makes media appearances. SpiteCheck, a possible “Catfish” because she has neither tits nor gtfo’d joins the show an is firing the LAPT because it’s shiny. #IwantToBelieve. Also NLFF Nick drops the secret top QB for Fanduel, so you might as […]

Radio Starts Late, SealsWithClubs Freeroll Stars Early, Magic Still Spews

Bet sports @, the first bitcoin sportsbook I trust enough to promote Turns out I don’t have a boss, so when I’m casually eating a meal with my family at 7:34 there is no one to tell me “Hey Micon, you forgot to start DonkDown Radio.” To further compound matters, the SealsWithClubs freeroll started […]

Religious Discussion w/Daniel P Barron & Tennis Relapses [Dice]

Every now and then you tweet at Samantha Steele Ponder and she tweets back. Daniel P Barron would say that it is all the work of god. I would say it’s because we are all humans doing relatively random things. listen to the debate start there and get deeper* *DPB believes the earth to be […]

Eric Crain Off To Seek His Fortune

DonkDown radio is a free-form no-edit virtual radio show where I speak to other humans about topics. Eric Crain is a human, and he loves to speak about topics. See what we and other humans talked about and recorded for the internets by pressing play. Also why not fire down the $25 public-a-ment on Fanduel […]

DonkDown Radio Crazier Mike Check-in

I heart Crazier Mike. Play real-mo-nay-fant-a-saaaay:

Just Another DonkDown Radio About Bitcoin & SilkRoad & Weekly Fantasy Football

Just another DonkDown Radio. Just a regular one. Not a special show, although Sam Chauhan did in fact answer the phone briefly. Fantasy Football was discussed as well. A young child even gave picks.

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