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DD Radio: SilkRoad Mourned w/ YTCracker

Sad day, no more SilkRoad. The bitcoin-fueled anonymous drug marketplace was shut down today and it’s formerly anonymous owner, Dread Pirate Roberts was arrested and unmasked as a guy named Ross. YTCracker comes on to help me dig through the details of how it appears DPR was caught. We take a few callers concerning DPR’s […]

Tennis Knowns The Ethnicity of the Orgy & Tangents with YTCracker

Listen to free podcast about random topics including bitcoin, narco-traffic, ideas for North Korean-themed musicals, life advice, how not to degen your roll away on dice sites, and moar! Oh and I almost forgot, when you are done listening, fire away on real mo-nay-fantasy over at DraftKings – you bet your sweet ass I am!

Allen Kessler / Saramar / Jordan Cristos call + Gank on politics

First off I”m going to also blatantly shill for Draftkings and beg you to click link and fire on real mon-ay fant-a-say: because I had a hell of a time sweating the Milly guar from week one and plan to personally re-fire on the $100k this week too. Shout to Aguilar / gl in that […]

YTCracker and Gank All Day Baby

Just sit back and listen to the men preach the bitcoin gospel.

Gank / YTCracker / Snowden / Manning / Xela / President Bashar al-Assad Revokes Right to Play Venetian Poker Tournament

Standard DonkDown radio where the SealsWithClubs chat called in to shoot the shit, then Gank called in, then YTCracker called in, then Xela and Mr. Cuzamano Called, then Bashar al-Assad revoked a guy's right to play a Venetian poker tourney after shooting chemicals into his home. Same Time Next Week!

YTCracker Preaches as Wednesday DonkDown Mass Is Held. Spitecheck Deflowered.

Big shout to my man YTCracker for coming on DonkDown radio the first of hopefully many appearances. This guy has his head on straight. The people deserve a strong spiritual leader like him. Check his most recent banger “Bitcoin Baron” and then go off on his other amazing shit. Spitecheck calls in to see how […]

Menachum, Mr Cuzamano, SpiteCheck [female] and Jamatrix Talk to Chairman

I think the most important lesson to take from this episode of DonkDown Radio is that SealsWithClubs has a core group of females playing on the site for bitcoins and looking to start a female-only SwC-focused podcast. First you get the bitcoins, then you get the power, then you get the women…

DonkDown Radio: SealsWithClubs Players Call In To Shoot The Shit

Fun time. Talked with a bunch of SwC users tonight. Spoke about the newly created Micon-Williams Mining operation (formerly #MiconMining before the merger) and about bitcoin mining and general. Whenever my wife asks me what the show was about I can never remember or sum it up, but I remember this one getting really nerdy-bitcoin-y. […]

Special Guest Mark Newhouse + Saramar WSOP Wrap Up Part Deux

Big thanks and huge GL to Mark Newhouse, WSOP Final Tablist. During this show I extend #MiconCenter to Chino, bringing the total persons invited to 2. Saramar joins us for a discussion on female bracelet winners and the importance of family.

DonkDown Radio WSOP Wrap-Up With Stealthmunk

We both bricked the 2013 WSOP. At least we were #yearofscience and #teamseals and didn’t try and Choice Center kids like Daniel Negreanu & Sorel Mizzi. Epic Jimmy Barnes call on the river.

Adam Kokesh: The Finest American I Know

Today I woke up before 8am during the WSOP to interview Adam Kokesh. Watch this Video of Adam getting arrested to understand why I would gladly sacrifice WSOP sleep to speak to this man. He was willing to do 100 days in solitary not to sign his name, give his blood, or speak to the […]

Jack Bates Clearing His Name, +1’ing Russ Hamilton & Greg Pierson Cheating

Plus Jimmy Fucking Barnes! don't get shut out, listen now:

Travis Makar Special Guest To Digest Recent UB Scammer Info Dump [ Greg Pierson, Iovation | Russ Hamilton ]

Big thanks to Travis Makar for coming on the show to digest the recent UB info dump. I personally cannot believe Greg Pierson & Russ Hamilton are allowed to roam free. Pokerati Dan joins us to help process the info, and Saramar rounds out a great show. *MUST LISTEN*

Duke of Freemont Special Guest | Stienski on Weed | Reggiman | Jimmy Barnes Voicemail

A big thanks to the Duke of Freemont for being my special guest tonight. An immensely interesting Las Vegas legend. Also Stienski on Weed, where I learn about vaping and butane THC extractions, + moar that I’ve already forgot! Also, very sorry that DonkDown is in a state of fuck right now, I will have […]

Saramar on Ultimate Poker AT&T LTE Network Disable Abortion + Jimmy Fucking Barnes & Stienski on Weed

DON'T EVER GET SHUT OUT | WSOP LOOMS | SEALSWITHCLUBS.EU BITCOIN POKER lulz I'm a donk this is the link / obv DD is fucked / I'm sort of working on it / grind through the first 16 second of silence #WUTANG

Dave Perry With a Working BFL Device & Gankstriking Sportspick Services

Big thanks to Dave Perry from Codinginmysleep for coming on the show

DonkDown Radio With Saramar, Kessler, Pokerati Dan, & Stienski on Weed

a fun romp dealing with the tough issues of our day: The Russian mob in NYC gambling, Saramar cashes some out, Pokerati Dan on laws and shit, and our new segment Stienski on weed. Enjoy:

DD Radio: Chainsaw Checkin, Weed Update, ASIC update, WSOP Micon Update, Bitcoin

It's pretty much all bitcoins, sealswithclubs, WSOP bitcoin staking me on SealsDeals.info, Kessler, Steinski with the now weekly Weed Update from Colorado, and I even make time to prank call some sports scam service that fucking woke me and the annamicon up early one morning a few days ago

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Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton, And Mike Postle Also Forgive Those Who Questioned Their Integrity
Taking a cue from a recent Dan "Jungleman" Cates statement, Howard Lederer, Russ Hamilton and Mike Postle have also decided to accept your apology. — read more »
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